Who has pH logs?


Who logs and keeps a record of their power of Hydrogen, and ppm for every watering?


I cant’ say I am super-diligent about it, but I try to keep track. I do not measure runoff at every feeding. For my current plants, I have an excel spreadsheet with info going back about a month that I keep some simple notes on.


Too cool!!.. Im workn on a spreadsheet now myself. I guess somthing good coming out of having thies lockout issues, plus it be great having records to go back to in the future. Gotta luv growing your own!!!


I’m in hydro and check and record EVERYTHING in a notebook. I know, old school


Nothing wrong wit being Old School.


Your grow medium is the life blood of your plant. If you keep records of your ph in and out and also your PPM in and out, and keep those within the desired levels, then you shouldn’t have any problems with your grow.

I know I need to do a better job at doing this


pH and ppm are checked before any watering or feeding and runoff is also tested for pH and ppm. I don’t have a spreadsheet, but I have plenty of notebooks.


Thats all I use. I am old school too. :sunglasses::us:


Being a beginner this whole ph issue im having has been a great learning curve. Now that I’m documenting all my readings I’m hoping that this will help in future grows, but right now full steam ahead on gettn this under control. Cant emphasize enough how ph is SO important!


It’s a lesson most of us learn the hard way.

I started growing outdoors and had some good grows without checking anything. Just water and go. I’d never heard of checking pH until I started indoors and had all kinds of problems.


We know man. We know. The road to ruin starts with pH inbalances before anything else @PigmanBBQ.