Who has grown Orange Bud or Agent Orange?

Hey folks,

These are two ILGM strains that have been around a long, long time. I keep eyeballing them and after three years of growing other ILGM strains, finally bought the Juicy Mixpack.

Thoughts on these strains? Tips/tricks/preferred grow method?

I grow in RDWC, Air Pots, and Octopots so looking for best match :+1:t2:

Thanks guys,


I’ve got an orange barb I just flipped to flower. It’s a orange bud child strain and is pretty much like any other cannabis plant. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

I believe orange barb is orange bud x Barbara bud.

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I love orange bud! Great flavor, smooooth and tasty, awesome resin, low yield. The flavor and experience is worth the sacrifice in weight!
In fact, this makes me want to order some! I haven’t had any since my vacation in Amsterdam! 2001!
Ya, I’m ordering some for my own private stock! (not to be shared with anyone) Das Smoken!

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I also got the juicy pack. I have an agent orange and SLH going now. I’ll be waiting to see what someone with some experience can do. This is my first go

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I did agent orange in 7 gal fabric smart pots and they turned out well


I have an auto Orange Bud as one of my first grows. I am watching day to day for when it is time to harvest her. I think she had a harvest time of 11 weeks. She was planted into a five gallon fabric bag and broke ground Jan 5th, so she is past the 11 week mark.

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