Who delivers ILGM shipments in the US? USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL?

I’m wondering who makes the final delivery of ILGM orders to the US - Is it the US Postal Service or does it come through a private shipping company like UPS or FedEx? I want to place an order but I need to know who will make the final delivery in order to know what address to use. We live so rurally that the USPS doesn’t deliver to our place and we have to get anything that comes through them at our PO Box. On the other hand, if we get something through UPS or FedEx, we need to use our physical address because those companies won’t deliver to a PO Box. Ugh! One of the complications of living in the middle of nowhere.

Mine came in 8 days by regular US Post


We have to put our physical address and our mailing address on everything we order online, there are usually 2 lines for addresses. Same problem here, if its delivered one way it has to have a physical addy, if its the other way, they need a mailing addy.

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Living in the boonies has few drawbacks. But, the privacy is great.

You might consider asking a very very trusted friend who is home all day to take delivery.
But, then that means someone else might know you are growing.


PO box has worked fine for me never a problem hope that helps thanks.

It will come USPS. Use your PO Box

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Ok, thanks y’all! I got it.