Whitest White Widow or Mold?

bleaching was my first thought to be honest i hope your right @Donaldj

Your leafs aren’t showing signs of heat/light stress but if you suspect bleaching raise your lights a few inches

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I’ve been following him. They started right after flowering and we went through everything. I think it’s just an anomaly.


All good I didn’t think it was light bleaching no other signs but buds just presenting the option if B345t figures it could be :slight_smile:

Ahh didn’t know bob just went off the images in front of me gotta be honest if it aint bleaching its a sweet lil look

Here’s the original thread

@Donaldj @B345T

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Thanks @bob31 makes a little more sense now :slight_smile: roots escaping under the pot is fine they self prune least that’s my understanding rather than knotting its why i swear by air pots…

this site is about asking opinions and we will all always have diff ones… i swear by T5… Halide… then HPS… if it aint 100% coco i wont use it… and if it aint in a fabric pot or air pot i wont grow in it… that’s just me it works for me but doesn’t mean it would work for others…

As some may well have noticed already I’m very opinionated and love to play devils advocate, not to be a dick like some think i enjoy finding out others opinions and love for them to give me diff opinions and a basis for them :slight_smile:

so talking of devils advocate here goes :imp:… the reason i called bleaching before anything else is i was always under the impression our little ladies hated UV cant remember where i read about bleaching and its causes but when originally looking into growing and what lights to use LEDs and their UV seemed like a none starter for me personally that’s JUST MY OPINION GUYS… i have seen enough grows in here to see LEDs clearly work and work quite well for some, Bleaching caused by light intensity would be quite easy under an LED given the fact there is no heat signature your not going to see the burn that you would under HPS or even CFL that would be a sign that something nasty was going on first… as clearly stated before I’m a true NOVICE who is only on their 5th grow…
I just look at the evidence provided state the most OBVIOUS cause for it in my eyes then wait for you pro growers to come in and tell me I’m wrong and what it could be :slight_smile:

@BrandX that’s a sweet looking plant by the way. nice fat buds all round you should be proud of that little lady :grin:


Id say mold… 100000% Chuck it in a bag and mail it to Mclovins bong
Please please please
Please please


Any chance you took any clones? It’d be interesting to see if the result could be duplicated.


I’m on my first grow sooo I could be way off… But with my led I’ve heat stressed the leaves so I’m order to bleach the buds wouldn’t you also atleast have some form of heat stress on the leaves? But srsly that’s a srs question. My buds r in early… Maybe mid flower n r getting a bit too tall for my grow box n I’m starting to worry they colas will be to close to my led


Possibly @Tonyb i have no idea how LEDs work as far as how the plants react to them… i’m a rookie to was just voicing an opinion on the pics provided only time i have seen anything like that was bleaching… could well be a funky gene as @bob31 pointed out…
Lmao @McLovin777 I’m glad someone is certain :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s the sort of bud if someone said over 10 a g of genuinely think about it… never said that before in my life.

10 Odd Realities (With Pictures) About Growing Cannabis Plants

9.) It’s Possible to Bleach Plants With Too-Bright Light
Light Bleaching - most common with high-power LEDs, but can also happen poorly ventilated HPS lights that are kept too close to the tops of the plants. Basically, this is what happens when plants get too much light, kinda like how hair on top of your head can turn lighter if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

Buds which have been bleached tend to be low potency or even have no potency (no available THC or other cannabinoids). Therefore you should avoid light-bleaching your plants at all costs!

looks very similar to me imo


@B345T @BrandX let’s talk about your light and how close your buds were to it?

What are you using for lights?

All I’m going to add is that this presented itself as soon as it flowered and the leaves show no signs of light bleaching or heat stress that I saw in the previous topic.

Let’s see what @BrandX can tell us.

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Hands down agree with what you and i were thinking of bleached buds looks identical in my opinion

@bob31 you can bleach buds with out signs of heat stress. Bleached buds are usually from being close to extremely intense light


@Majiktoker thanks

It just seems odd that you see grows where the leaves are bleached white and the buds aren’t affected. Now you have bleached buds and the leaves aren’t affected.

Seems contradictory to me?


Not really it will eventually burn the leaves when bad enough and if it doesn’t eventually it will kill the leaves of disrupting the sugar transportation in the tips of the colas. And blowing up the picture the leaves on the picture with the single cola are starting to yellow or are appearing that way

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@bob31 from what i read and this is purely my take on it… with LEDs the light itself is SOOO intense it doesn’t BURN the plants as it would with HPS so you would see sign of heat stress first on buds and leaves, with LEDs its just a LIGHT/LUMENs issue when to close to the plants… almost as if they was scared to death and just lost all of their colour… @Majiktoker that sound about right??

But I do agree @BrandX can we get some more info please this could turn into quite an interesting thread


Very cool!

Yea that sounds right

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