Whitening leaves, why?

Hi, My plants had a rough start and now they are feeling much better but my old leaves are getting whiter and whiter, can you tell me why is it happening? I thought at first that I have my lamp too close but it’s appearing only on old leaves so It can’t be that.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea. But i know someone who may!

@garrigan62 @Niala (if ur still around) n possibly @Budbrother (if ur not stoned already) :joy:

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Could be one of to things temps or lighting

New growth looks good. I’d name her Casper and keep on trucking the way you are!!


I suppose it is both, I have really high temps in tents (cannot be fixed) and strong lighting, I upgraded ventilation and higher my lighting a little, will see what will that do, thanks a lot

I think that will do it my friend, Please let me know in a few days on how she is doing ok

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Id love to see this plant again… did it continue? Did you name her casper? Flower time yet?

How is this plant doing?