Whiteflies late into flowering

Evening all,
I’m experiencing a whitefly issue 7 weeks into flowering. Up to now I’ve been vacuuming the leaves every evening. I really don’t want to use neem on the buds at this late stage. Would wiping the remaining leaves and stems be adequate to prevent a real infestation. i’ll surround my Mary with sticky traps as well. It’s an outdoor plant. Would it be less likely to have a mold issue if I water the whole thing down as well.
At harvest time could I just ignore what flies might be left.
Would appreciate any knowledgeable advise. I’d hate to have my hard work go to pot.

Many thanks and be well,

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I am going thru same situation…Try GARDEN SAFE Fungicide…Organic…Had to move inside and not sure where they came from, just sprayed and as always they are on the underside

My friend @Myfriendis410 is the chief advocator of post harvest bud washes for outdoors (and indoors) ladies. He can drop the sciency knowledge on ya. (Like ratios and safety warnings) but i can attest to the fact that the plants practically atteact dirt, hair, and bugs. N the wash is BEYOND RECOMMENDED.

As for getting rid of them. Im not a fan of spraying buds with anything. Scares the crap outta me. Especially if outdoors in this insane humidity. U could however add food grade DE to ur soil to eliminate eggs and larva, thus ending part of their lifecycle. Still need ways to combat the adults


Mild peroxide spray followed by Captain Jack’s Deadbug spray. You can do that all the way to harvest. Although white flies are in soil in the larval stage. Best to dry out thoroughly and some food grade DE for now.

This picture is worth a thousand words: Indoor grow with outside days, one plant, 8 minutes soaked in 6 gallons of tap water and a cup of 3% peroxide. Rinse thoroughly after.


Hi, I rarely ever post on any forum as it always ends up turning into people trying to big note themselves. I don’t have time for it & prefer to be a no one in a world full of wanna bees. But I feel what I discovered this arvo (not sure if anyone else has had the same epiphany or using this method?). I am only days away from harvesting my 1st proper indoor grow thanks to Robert & his seeds. I have 2 Gold Leaf, 1 White Widow, & 2 Super Lemon Haze doing just peachy, except somehow I have got a case of Whiteflies a few weeks back like you as well. I hung the special Whitefly specific sticky yellow plastic cards around as I am doing the grow as organically for a mates wife who has a tumor, & the Yandi,Ganja, whatever you want to call it has to be chemical free as possible. I figured they were being pulled soon and the flies where only on the leaves down below anyway. I wanted to take a natural photo of what the actual Trichromes colour were as it is hard to really see using the orange HPS lights & am using 1 600watt HID light per plant, so ULTRA bright! I waited till the lights went out & took my photos and Trichomes were all Milky white. Then as I shined my torch on the yellow sticky traps I noticed the flies were heading straight to them & getting stuck. So I shook the plants lightly & shon? my torch at the yellow traps it was luring every little bugga to the one I pointed it at. So I have totally filled 5 yellow cards full of whiteflies in 15 odd minutes. Must be close to a thousand! I’m going back to the hardware tomorrow and get some more to obliterate the nest. The Super Lemon Haze still have a few weeks to go and then I am running Critical Mass, Power Plant, & Girl Scout Cookies Extreme straight after, so I want it bug free. Anyway it has sofar killed at least a thousand or more so worth giving it a go. Before anyone comes in & says something, this was done immediately after the lights went out. Not a few hours later. So there has been no light in dark disturbance stuffing up the dark period.

This late in the game, the only worry I’d have is mold and bud rot. I mixed 1 tbs. bleach to 1 gal. of water and sprayed the entire plant under, over, and saturated the buds. it also kills a host of other pests without tarnishing the buds.