White willow Auto Parts Bud time

I started for white willow Autoflower 5 weeks 1 day ago is it written that they flower in five weeks or can it extend

I’ve had a couple that went 3-4 months before it flowered, and I’ve had a couple that flowered after 4weeks

They vegged for 4 months???

It really depends on what kind or if any training. I had a couple finish in fifteen weeks that I did nothing to. You should start seeing flowers soon.

So training will slow that process I did tie them down so the bottom would get more light

Planted may 10

Its still has a week :clown_face:

Lst shouldn’t slow it down much. Maybe a little. I’d say topping, cropping and supercropping will all slow it down. Slowing the plant down will increase your yield a bit.