White Widows are the next up

Our W/W Journal

APRIL 4TH. 2016
Well here we are. After a first shot learning curve, we have started round two.
Cons of round One.

  1. Mixed species, Indica and Sativa. White Queen, Pineapple Express, and Blueberry.
    2.This produced uneaqual height which was almost impossible to keep managed. Plus, there was a male, one of the two Blueberries, removing Him left a problem with roots being part of the mass in the resevoir without supplying a plant with nutrients. Just another glitch, nothing catastrophic.
    3.Also there was a different feeding desire, the Blueberry was a light eater and was favoured as such, the other two I believe wanted more, but were already growing far beond the tent, without the aggressive schedule.
    4.Our LED was left on 24/7 in grow, not nessasary! 18/6 works equally as well and cuts power consumption by a quarter. 25% saving.
    5.First attempt had a humidity problem for first four weeks until we purchaced a cool mist humidifier to automatically adjust and maintain a 55-60% humidity in the tent.
  2. First round had no fan for about six weeks, now we have a 28" high, weatherstorm vertical fan. adjustable, speed, swing rate, and tropical breeze or nighttime breeze settings.
    7.Used GH Flora Series, and ran out of bloom in first round.

Pros reguarding Round Two.
1.All four plants are seedlings from CropKing, feminized White Widow.
2.With same strain and all from seeds, we will be able to lock in a favourite feeding schedule as well as maintain height from the canopy to the LED, with alot more conformity.
3.Feeding will be according to the growth rate and happiness of the girls. Starting their first two or three days in PH’ed water at 5.8. Introducing nutes tomorrow or Wednesday.
4.LED set 24" off the top of the seedlings, and timed for 18/6, on/off.
5.Humidifier, set a 55% humidity and running on automatic.
6.Fan is in back corner waiting for a little until the little ones are a tiny bit bigger in the stems.
7.Switched to GH MaxiBloom, and the LUCAS/Method, for duration of grow.

The Grow!

Ok, the tent was completely swept, cleaned, bleached, and generally made ready. The electrical has been routed around the tents top section and secured out of the way from the water source. It’s April 4th today, and the seedlings have been put in their resevoir last night at approximately 9:30PM, Light cycle is on 2PM, off 8AM. May God bless our garden, and keep the girls content. Amen.
White Widow, are supposed to have a flowering time of 8 weeks, so after vegetation, determined by size, the switch to 12/12 light should be interesting to watch for sure.

This is the 4th of April

April 8th 2016
Well, today is the day the girls got their first feeding, 1/4 tsp. per US Gal of Maxibloom from GH. They are in an 8 Gal. resevoir, and we gave them 2 teaspoons of MaxiBloom in a mason jar with warm water shaken for 5 mins. There is no need to tire your self out, but a constant rigourous shaking for 5 mins, gives you just what you want for a hydroponic resevoir. So our PPM. is 322 after the whole res was mixed up completely, (our tap water reads 65 before the nutes.) thats a nice quiet feeding to see how they react. Water temp is kept low for the begining with freezer packs. running about 21 degrees Centigrade and the PH is 5.6. Pictures will be added as we go. Air temp is 32C. and Humidity steady at 55.

This picture is from the 6th of April.

April 12th 2016
OK here we are 4 days after their first feeding experiment, and as is clearly visable from a mere 6 days ago.

So, what we have done today is to install the screen at a hight of 18" above the top of the resevoir, topped the two big ones on the left, two fold purpose, one to compare side by side, topping and not. Also to slow them down enough to allow the little ens to catch up. Also had to raise light 4" to accomodate this weeks growth. Plan is when canopy reaches screen, will switch to flower, and keep everything horizontal at the screen and allow buds to be all even at that level. Looking good so far. There is also a plan to add two 42" T5’s running vertically back on the rear poles of the tent. Stating at the level of the top of the 18 Gallon resevoir and running up the tubes facing centre of the space.
Here are some more pics.

Time for Ice packs. Thats how we keep water temp down during first 3 weeks until the canopy provides suitable shade.


So what ended up being the outcome of this grow …would like to hear some more details or at least just an update…:slight_smile: