White Widows 1st Harvest, ready?

Hello all. Our first grow!! I’m not looking for couch lock and hubby thinks it’s ready. Looks cloudy to me, but really not sure.


It’s difficult to tell by looking at a far away shot, looking under a microscope or a jewelers loupe will be the best way to tell. I see she’s went through the swelling stage. Congratulations on having the patience of waiting for the right time with picking too early on your first harvest.
She should be pretty close to being ready. The close up will tell you how much amber/cloudy/clear she has.
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Looks like u have mostly have cloudy and amber. Any more shots? Amber is the ‘couch lock high’ n final stage. The ‘cloudy’ is the ‘get up n do something high’. The couple to the bottom left look cloudy. All the others amberish. But as i just said in another post. Im definitely not an ‘expert grower’

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N bottom left of the second photo. Not the first. Over all i believe im seeing mostly amber trichs

Don’t want couch lock so other half is saying it’s time as it appears cloudy. I keep trying with these pictures! Lol Thanks!!
It appears to have very little amber in a few spots.

another shot, this is a bud from the middle of the stalk

Invest in a 60-100x pocket microscope. Check the trichomes. They show at first as clear (no thc inside), then get cloudy (full of thc), then turn amber as thc deteriorates. Most growers harvest with 25-60% amber. The more amber trich’s you have the more medicinal and sleepy time effect. The less amber at finish produces more of an up effect.

Keep in mind that the trichomes continue to mature during the drying process.

I always try to harvest with 33-40% amber trichomes. I hope this helps. lw


I think I’m ready to harvest! Especially knowing the trichomes will continue to mature while drying! That does mean they will become more sleepy effect while drying, yes?

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Sorry i spoke to soon. Listen to the vet. I thought it was the long furry thingies. Trichs are the ‘fuzzy resin’ looking fine whitish hairs you have going there. Get more opinions!

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Just a few pretty knowledgeable tags… sorry to poke u kind people

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As always, great advice. Class act here. Listen!

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She looks like she’s in the harvest window to me :v:

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You’re probably real close, but it’s so hard to tell without pics of the trichs. Here is the mini microscope that I and many of us use. It’s cheap, at only $7, but it work well and you can take pictures.


Thanks!!! We will definitely be getting one :slight_smile:
Didn’t flush it for two weeks, just a couple of days so I hope that cuts it! Husband insisted we harvest so we did that this morning before light. Fingers crossed… trichomes appear cloudy to us and very very small amount of amber from what we could make out in all the pics.
Being the first, we shall live and learn through trial and error.
And appreciate all the input!

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Oh, I used my desktop computer to see the photos too. Not sure if others are doing so :slight_smile:

Sorry to lazy… i just zoomed in on my iPhone :joy::joy:strong text

I find zooming, it’s just not the same on my phone as a large screen :grin:
Lots more photos to see as well