White Widow x Big Bud Feminized Barney's Farms via Truenorth

Just starting this journal now. Seeds were soaked in spring water for 14 hours and placed in paper towel using same water and 12 hours later had 1/2 inch tails and went 5 for 5. Seedlings are 6 days old above soil and have been under a cheap Amazon light due to needing tent for drying last crop. NEED A NEW TENT FOR SEEDLINGS.

These will be under the HLG as soon as I jar up the last crop.


Nice start, will follow your grow. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


Hoping for a pound on this run. Last run with these seeds, a not that great light and very little experience indoor got me 272 grams dried. Just under ten ozs. I mistakenly posted 10 or 11 once or twice. Using ro water was a way smoother ride thanks @Hellraiser for pointing out pitfalls of tap water and the issues it causes. Will not use anything but from here on in.


Pick up a sheet of 1" metalized Styrofoam from H.D. or Lowe’s and a roll of duct tape. I have one I built years ago and works great. When done, cut the tape and lay pieces flat.

@Not2SureYet just bought a large clear tote for the purpose.

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Hmm. Well thank you for the idea. Wouldbe more fitting to that area I have. Just need some t5’s.

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I pulled all four as they were showing some serious genetic defects however my brothers looks fine so we’re gonna grow his out and see how the genetics look on it. I have 4 Gorilla Glue x Critical Autos I just dropped into soil today and will be what we see in this journal from here on out. I went with 5 gallon fabric pots with a 15% addition of perlite in FFHF soil using AN Micro/Grow/Bloom. The seeds are a dice roll with Crop King. If these don’t turn out I have Auto Pounder on tap but Id like to save them for fall grow as they take almost 4 months.

14 days old today. These are growing nicely but I def need a bspec. Its on the list. See you once a week from here.

Been a few weeks and these Gorilla Glue x Critical autos has been doing fine. I snapped off two of the tops to see how they would react and those plants didnt even notice. Other 2 haven’t been and look the same. The top is almost perfectly flat and one of the plants has already hardened off. Almost ready for the pedal to hit the medal. The candy cane autos were this size when they finished so I am curious to see how these plants turn out and what the yield might be. Haven’t had any issues really odd spot once flowering stretch started so I upped the calmag to 5 ml a gallon and it was fine. Few weeks to go. Be like end of May.
The canopy has been consistently flat and will recieve another adjustment tomorrow morning. The canopy from brinm of pot top top of flat is like 4-5 " tall but as you can see from first photo I am laying them down and out using bamboo I seen someone here use and its worked out so damn well so whomever you are thanks for the kickass Idea because I love it so much more than netting!!