White widow White mold on Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!
This white powdery substance started to appear two weeks ago on a few large fan leaves. They were removed. Then a few days ago I noticed more on large sugar leaves. Beat. I removed them as well.
Note: this was lollypopped a long time ago so there wasn’t many large fan leaves to start. Thank God.
So What would you say to do?
trichomes are clear to cloudy.
Hope to hear some advice as to get rid of this problem before next plant.
Have a Blessed Day.

A dilute spray of hydrogen peroxide will get rid of it.

Those dark green leaves with burned tips - your plant is telling you that you are feeding too much nitrogen.


Thanks. As for the feeding I use master blend 4-18-30 5 gal tap water airated with 2 large air stones. Then put into 3.5 gal container airated with 4 large air stoned (more bubbles the better) as need. Water is 1 inch on net cups.( Why dose every one say how many inchs below cup? They drink half gallon a day. at this point.) anyway, what dose everyone think about harvesting now or wait?
And what to do about preventing it.
Thanks everyone and have a Blessed Day.

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You still have a ways to go to finish up , definitely need to increase air flow. @MidwestGuy has you covered. Add a Circulating fan and increase speed on exhaust fan. Good luck


Thanks for response,

here is same wwaf. I turned exust fan up. 12" oscillating fan in back(out of frame ,view)

Powdery mildew man that stuff was bad this year

How dose it start? and why?

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I run six fans in my tent one sucking out hot old air another sucking good cold air in and four fans blowing air around in my tent


Did you have this plant outdoors first? If not you need to put a filter over your air intake as I’ve never seen it indoors. It’s a type of fungus the spores are airborne


High Humidity an not enough air flow. Also if you’re outside too much rain. You definitely need to stay on top of it.


I rigged my tent with an outside exhaust through window. Also, I have four fans. One at top blowing down. Two on the corners blowing across canopy and one from the bottom blowing straight through the canopy. I have a thermostat configured with two degree offset for heat and cool. Cool turns a blower on to vent outside and heat a small 200w heater in a 3x3 tent. In day time the humidity ranges from 40 to 60 and at night it will creep up, but the fans on the inside circulating are doing a good job. I am two weeks into flowering two scrogged plants. The 3x3 area is completely full wall to wall. So far so good. I have a dehumidifier connected to the tent but have not had to use it. I dont heat the room tent is in and lowest temp in that room is 58 degrees. The tent with lights on or heat on stays at 75 degs.

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Here is a pic


Some strains are more susceptible to PM. Neem oil or peroxide solution should kill it. I only had it on one of my plants so I think it’s heavily strain dependant more than we think

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That’s where it came from

My intake is from inside the house. I have never had mold in the house for as long as I have been living here. The window is sealed accept for hose with flap on outside like dryer vent. To be clear I was just responding to shemp. I dont have a mold problem. Of course I am new at this but so far so good. Plants are 2.5 months.