White Widow Week 2, Yellow and brown discolor leaves

First time poster, So thanks to everyone on the forum for all your questions, comments and info. It’s been informative reading and learning from everyone experiences.

My question(s) is: I have two White Widow Auto plants going into their 3rd week today. One plant has a set of small leaves that turned yellow. The other plant, has a brown discoloration on its leaves. It has been there since its first week when the leaves grew.

I’m growing in Fox Farm Happy Frog. I watered with just distilled water up to the first week and a half. Now using dechlorinated filtered tap with a Ph of 6.0-6.2.

Indoor, under 300w LED about 22-24 inches away at about 50%. Indoor temp 72-75* at about 50-65% RH

Just trying to catch this early, learn and correct if possible. Any info or feedback would be much appreciate.


Welcome to the community…amazing place here for info and help…im new here also and i asked the same question not too long ago about my oldest two plants…apparently that is “normal” and what they mean by “when the cotes start to yellow” … although mine were a lil bigger than those and even then peeps here said it was early for them to be yellowing… but mine look beautiful and healthy otherwise and they just hit 3 weeks old so just fed the oldest two with nutes for the first time yesterday and actually fim’d them tonight


Also most of the knowledgeable people here will request this

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Its called a support ticket

Thanks, Appreciate the info.

Welcome to the community! Looks like you’re off to a good start!

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Welcome to the community. Little ones are off and running. Get your pH up to 6.5 for soil. FF soils run hot and some may experience a little nute burn at first.

I’m relatively new as well, and have learned so much here. I would recommend, if you haven’t already, read a grow journal or two of a grower in FF soils.

Continued success.

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Thanks for your reply and all the replies. Some good info. I’m learning the Fox Farm Ocean can be a little hot to start in. It’s been interesting learning about the plants and how they react. I transplanted them into 3 gallon pots a few days after the photos, they had good roots and I used some rapid start root enhancer, and they took well to the new pots. I still used what FF ocean that had but also added some FF coco/perl, because I thought the soil looked a little muddy and felt it would help aerate the soil. I may have started low stress training a little late but for a first, I’m still learning. So far so good, main concern is the correct ph., light, temperature and humidity. They are just about 5 weeks now and appear to be in pre-flower.

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Definitely looking like “buttons” forming. Seeing white hairs, in pairs? You can still train during these early weeks of flowering but keep it low stress indeed. Open up some of the inner sites by pulling the side branches down.

Plant looks good. Continued success.

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