White Widow Viability

I ordered the same, but I bought 10 get 10 WW Autoflowers… And they definitely have some strange traits… I have em next to Blueberry Autoflower, and they just seem stunted… Everything is identical as far as mix, lighting… I lost 4 of the 20 from dampening off…

No two plants (except clones) grow alike. This becomes even more so with two different strains. Blueberry tends to grow bigger than White Widow in most cases, but you never know - they may take off in a couple of weeks. Remember also that two different strains may not thrive on the same nutrient schedule. With White Widow and Blueberry you should be fine, but just keep that in mind for future grows. Always read your leaves.

Die and fade away? Thanks for the “advice”. I guess ILGM will be happy my account will.

Same here. Ordered the 10+10 Fem . First attempt 3 failed to germinate. ILGM replaces with 5 new ones. Second attempt went 3 for 11. ILGM hooked me up with a sweet coupon for my next purchase. Nature isn’t always predictable but ILGM has always made it right .