White widow very tall stem

Second grow first time with WHT widow germination successful ? Is wht widow a very tall plant I planted only bout 1/4" in soil cfl is bout 4 1/2" above plant seems like it’s stretching fear that it’s going to go lemp going to add more dirt…any oher suggestions

You can lower to 2 inches above plant - this will help it NOT streach too much - see you are using cfl’s then inches is perfect. One advantage of using cfl’s low heat. Looking good !!!

Thks will do thought that might have been to close

Ya thats right Ice. I grow W.W for 6 generations and would have the same problem.
So I would sink them in the ground up to there necks…lol
And drop the light closer. But the biggest improvment is when I added a fan. The stems will stiffen up as well as thicken making for an awesome plant.

Add air !