White widow update

Do the leaves on these look normal or am i overthinking, these babies are getting so damn bushy only 2 1/2 weeks old other ones are week behind


Those young ladies are looking mighty healthy there! Beautiful!

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Nice. White widow is one of my favorite to grow and smoke. Are they photos or autos

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Autos Wasnt sure if they looked good or overwatered

Looking normal, not overwatered or underwatered?

Nah, look good. You may be a bit crowded in that tent with 6

Looks good and healthy nice green color , no yellowi g of the tips , no spots on the leaves . Keep doing what you are doing !

What kind of light are you using ? I noticed it looks a little high for their young age ! You may want to lower it just a little maybe 10-12 inches? @dbrn32 what do you think ?

Plants look ok to me for now.

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6 of them in there haha your gonna have a jungle!!! Might be a PIA watering and moving them in later flower. Watch for breaking branches off!! Plants are an awesome color.


Lol have 7 here they are today

Oh its probably going to be a jungle in there is right lol oh well i will work it out somehow here they are today looking good