White widow tricomes

I have some ww autoflower and the tricomes are miniscule compared to other weed I’ve grown. is this normal? It also seems to be taking forever to mature but that just might be me. I have no sense of time.

Ya mine seem to be doing the same thing but they will so be ready…lol


Consider intense light decrease THC , and longer dark periods forces the plants in safe mode , which causes them to produce more resin trichomes , but most auto grows are on 18/6 , 20/4 , and some even ran 24/0 , me on the other hand thought I would extend my dark period , so I set my auto’s schedule on 14/10 , because they was not forming and resin trichomes , but now after 2 weeks of changing from 18/6 to 16/8 and now 14/10 , they are really getting covered in resin . Can I say it’s fact , honestly no , but it’s what I decided as for as experimenting , and they are really thriving , and building trichomes much more than they have before . I won’t tell you to do what I’m doing , but in 2 weeks , they are completely covered and a third of thing are turning milky also , which can be a possibility of why the plant is needing more water also because of the longer dark period . Hopefully they will finish on schedule , but being sativa dominant , they can be ah lil stubborn trying to finished . I’ll post an updated photo in my journal on my auto’s , but my blueberry is not budding as nearly as much as the amnesia haze , might have to switch the blueberry on a 12/12 or even 10/14 , but I’ve been wondering if by chance the blueberry is a regular fem seed that might got mixed in with auto’s . It’s a very healthy full plant , and has over 14 pre-flower bud that will bud , but not budding . So if the haze finish and the blueberry the make a run for the final finish , than I have no choice but try to make it flower with a normal fem seed flower light schedule .

My tricomes are there, they are just really little. Maybe good things come in small packages! It looks to the unaided eye more like powder on the plant but with a little magnification you can see they are properly formed trices although they aren’t really very bulbous on the tips . Yet anyways.

Patience, my friend, will be rewarded.

Have a great Thanksgiving


Joen my Haze auto is the same , but really plastered with trichomes , not as much as a regular fem would be at this time , but very little bitty ones , but so much to see with the naked eye , and super sticky .

Thanks guys my autos are also very close together. I call it my bathtub grow… well cuz it’s 10 plants in a bathtub. Lush, healthy and beautiful green all the way to the bottom. Looks like the Amazon jungle. They grew bigger than I expected so there is competition for limited resources. I’m thinking of harvesting just the tops to see if the little buds below do anything once they get some light. Either way I think I’ll be happy with the harvest. Maybe I’ll try to upload a photo.

I’m growing my 5th generation white widow and this grow should be finished at the end of this week and may go into first week of December.
I did what TxGrowman said to do. Change their light schedule to 14 dark 10 light have for a week and this
Morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. Crystals galore.
Wow like over night.
So be patient and yours will to.


Txgrowman , I also stated that Garrigan , but longer dark schedule really helps them develop lots of resin trichomes !!!

Bilingual agreement with both of you and I k.ow both of you have stated same fact on numerous times and that’s why I gave it a try and I’ ll be damed if you both
Yt? Were right.



That’s Garrigan62 , until we actually experiment , we never know the final outcome . But the same for when the plant is ready , leaving in darkness for 72 hours actually helps it not only finish , but also dry out the water in the plant and it puts on that last build of trichomes . But I’m glad you witness it for yourself my brother , so it’s just not hear say right . Now with my auto’s , I even decided to do 14/10 and seems like the Haze is finishing , but the supposedly blueberry is not even budding , it’s showing pre-flowers , but no buds are forming . So I’m wondering if I’ll have to put it on 12/12 or 10/14 also to get it to bud at least . I’m actually confused about it because it’s suppose to go from seed to harvest the same time as the Amnesia . Now the benefit to that is , when I switch the schedule , it will be all by its self to get the freedom of the whole tent space . Im really hoping it stretches also that way I can put it under the scrog ah bit and let it stretch up through it to get an idea of what the next grow could do . But this is my last time growing multiple plants at one time . I’m only doing one plant at a time since I’m going with a 5 gallon pot , but I might hold off on the hydro grow , due to now the temperature is unstable with the changing of weather here from mild to cold , back to mild . Since my central unit keeps the temperature pretty average , and the duct fan and inline fan stabilizes the tent air right in range of where the sweet spot should be . But normally I start with a regular 12/12 in flower , and once the buds start swelling is when I switch to 10/14 . So your white widow grow is getting super sticky this run , I’m sure you loving that after growing them for a while and realizing you can help them build double the resin than what you been seeing in earlier grows .

And the smell is awesome. The smell really wasn’t there either. But now when I . Open the door it hits you big time. When I go and trim some dead leaves the. Smell intensifies…awesome…lol
I’m checking every day for Ambrose and I / see a little here and there so tonight the lights go out till Monday.


Yes the more resin production , the greater the smell and the sticky your buds will be , and wait until you smoke it , you will instantly noticed a bigger difference in high , taste , and smell , and the high will last for at least a good 3 hours if not more .

Sweet…lol can t wait to smoke the final. After 5 yr’s growing it’s about time after five years it really isn’t bad and it can only get better now. First two years " What he hell…lol… next year " Dam " 4th year "Now I Got I " 5th year :smile:


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Yeah I really understand you from a beginner also , but I’ve said before each grow is different , but knowing little things to help maximize your yield , and experimenting options that want harm them is useful added information . But I write a journal in a calendar on each grow Garrigan62 , because I’ve never seen a grow repeat the same from a previous grow , even growing 2 plants at the same time , feeding can be a issue , cause one plant will like it and the other plant won’t in the same environment , and that got my attention early in my start . But I’m super stoked you took the chance to try the longer light period , and you actually getting great results . You will know a difference when it’s all cured and ready , in the smell , the taste , and the high , plus you have plenty of trim that will be very useful for hash , and butter , and other useful things you can make with the trimming after harvest .

Iem going to post a pic just for the heck of it and show you that it really …F…k’n works…lol


Now that will be enough confirmation for others to grab a hold of as well .

I was thinking the same thing. I’ll be waking the girls in a half hour I’ll take a pic and p oily st it A.S.A.P tonight so that you can see.


Today I receive 3 of the 12 Advance nutrients , but I know for a fact it works . I’m about to upload a few in my journal right now .

You can now view them in my thread Garrigan62 , so you can see how one plant is progressing , but thee other has yet to start , but in the seed shop details they both are advertised from seed to harvest in 56 & 58 days , which is 8 weeks .