White widow too bushy?


`Hi…all , these white widow fem. but not autos have shown a growth like i never saw before on weed plants. All i did was pinch out the apical meristem on all three when they had the sixth set of leaves. Now ther is so much compact growth i dont know if i should thin the fan leaves out, prune a little more or what would be the best to do at this time to pllants looking like this. See the pics thanks peeps.


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Hope you don’t mind, but I did an edit on your thread and fixed your pic’s so other’s can view them now.


I like bushy plants nodes stay nice and tight and buds stack nicely


I wouldn’t trim because of bushiness. The shoots will make it out. I was worried too since mine are pretty thick as well. I added a little side lighting to get in there deeper.

However, others say it doesn’t hurt the plant. In nature, there aren’t giant scissors chopping at the plant and they do ok :slight_smile:

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Thank you

your welcome. any time