White Widow Time Frame


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I’m growing a white widow Auto from you I’m in week 5 it just started the show bud two days ago what is the time frame for the White Widow Auto”


The site claims 55 days average for flower… But mother nature is the only one that really knows, but figure 2 months of flower time…


Mine are at 110 days now, I think 120 will finish them…
But I grow in very cold temps…low 30’s at night most of their veggie time…


I have a 200x kids magnification toy (called a cyclops eye I believe), when I start noticing the buds beginning to pop nicely I’ll cut one off and look at it underneath the toy. You can clearly see all of the THC crystals. They start off clear like glass, then start to turn cloudy. I’ll harvest Sativa when they’re mostly cloudy, and I’ll harvest Indica when I start to notice a few of the crystals turning Amber.


I’m on my 2nd WW Auto grow. I harvested the first one at 87 days. Probably could have let it go a bit longer, but I’m happy with the smoke.