WHITE WIDOW The Second time around

Going to try to keep a WW that had some really nice buds on it going until I can get some new seeds for Blueberry AF. This should be a little more fun this time as I have learned a LOT of stuff this last 3 months. Latewood said he has done it and I would like to try. It will also give me more time to get some extra studying in on harvesting and curing buds.

hey txgrowman hope you dont mind me posting a few pics of my first indoor grow. I dont know how to start a new topic. this is in my converted computer cabinet. i know i need more light, useing CFLS about 100 watts. week 3 of flowering i think it was to big when i went flower

When mill;you come into the support room to your left are topic s choose one that will best fit your new topic. When you do scroll down to the very bottom and you will sse " Hey why don’t you create your own topic. " and there you have it.
I think I told you this a while back.


Thanks a lot, You might have told me if you did I’m sorry I forget a lot more now days

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Hey no problem

I know what you mean about
Forgetting i loose my keys every time i turn around…lol



Well, scratch the growing WW through the second cycle! I lost the power during the last round of storms that Texas has been so famous for this year ! No electric for three days and no way to get the girl out to the sunshine. Needless to say, she did not do well from that and I had to terminate her due to mold or something on the leaves that smelled terrible and had a whitish powder on the leaves. RIP !

Time to get my soil ready for the blueberry AF’s to get started. On to bigger and better !

Good grows and Great Buds to all

bummers, hope everyone in your area was unharmed. GL on the next grow.

Sorry to hear that, just hang on there. Nothing you could do.mother nature will do what she wants. You will get what you want in the long run. Best of luck to ya.


Even as much as those ladies took this year with the nutes and all, I am amazed that it vapes wonderfully and is a great high. So happy for Robert’s seeds. I think that is all that allowed me to get a half decent yield and very good stone. Never vaped AK-47 but that really turned out great. A different high for sure than WW !

Overall very happy with the information that I picked up and I believe that I should have a much better result on the next grow.

I’m doing 4 different kinds this time around 5 Northern Light. 5 Super Skunk 5 OG kruch and 15 WW the we are clones and item doing what’s called Main - Lining.
Have you ever tried any of these?


Hey garrigan, didn’t mean to steal any one’s thunder. I just wanted to show what my mainlining project has progressed to. Its not as horizontal as Nugbuckets, but thats mainly due to the fact that I don’t want to split a stem again. I put too much pressure on the first “tie down” that it cracked the stem a little. This is Day 23 from seed and I just topped it again today. the plant seems to handle it just fine. It was only 3 days ago that I did it the first time and she grew three sets of nodes in that time. My main stalk is thick, strong and healthy, I can’t wait to top it once more and begin flowering. This 400watt MH has run my elec bill up an extra $40 bucks a month. I need to flip the switch to 12/12 already. GL to all if you try mainlining. Its not hard to do and healthy plants seem to handle the stress with out a hitch.

No your fine…iem doing the same thing and I think I have already screwed things up.
I can see item going to need some help if you don’t mind.
I’ll post a pic of my screw up and maybe you could give me some pointers

<imgsrc="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/1X/96ee388b8fae4be6a0bb57f1ad44886c91a1e52d.jpg" width=“283” height=“500”>

You I didn’t know that you could do that from seedlings only clones…
I have 15plants that have been formed twice now and are 18to 22 inches. Question could I main -line thoughs?
Buy tiying down the the stems.
And what do you think about my pig’s?
They are all In WW. Screwed up did’m I…


The top are the ones I wanted to know if I could still main- line a few of them.
Iem sorry but iem just not sure of what iem doing…lol


Sup Will, first off I am by no means an expert, I can only offer my opinion.
it really looks as if you may have either 1. Started mainlining those plants too early. Or 2. Took off too much of the fan leaves. Just my observation. Your plants look really thinned out. I waited until there were 7 nodes before I chopped it the first time. And that was day 20.
I would let those clones mature a bit before topping them. They need big healthy fan leaves to help the plant recover from the stress of being cut. Also they need strong stalks and stems to withstand being tied down.
Go look at “unknown strain grow journal” in the fun facts section and I have my pics from sprout until today.
Also have you read the Nugbuckets tutorial on mainlining? I have read this thing about 5 times and I reference it as I progress to compare his plants to mines. (site)
I am following it to a T. Because like his first concept, I am growing in a very small grow cabinet. 2.5’x1.5’x 3.5’ I literally have space for one big plant, or two small ones. So I chose to go with 1 and mainline it. Good luck bro. You might be able to salvage those plants if you let them veg for a little while and let’s some fan leaves develope.

One more thing. The pic you have with the scrog looks pretty good. And decent size grow space as well. Just my 2 cents, but I’d go with out the screen if I were doing a mainline simply because that’s the whole reason for it. You’re training your plant to have big, even, uniformed colas from having very little wasted energy that would normally be sent to lower nodes. Maybe on your next grow you could try two or three big strong main lined plants with 8 colas each in that tent of yours. Nugbuckets said he got 6.7 oz from 1 plant! I dunno if that was grown indoor or out, and how big of a setup he did. If I can get 3oz from this one plant I will be stoked. Especially since this is my first attempt at mainlining.

I fully understand about what you know, a when I saw your plant I had to ask.
I have some trading a head of me…lol
But ya they are coming back and I to thought I jumped the gun.

They really are coming backdating so I’ll wait till they
they get 6 or 7 nodes
And your right took way to much off, but hey thank u very much for your input and the link saved it.


Ok…I got ya now if I were to tie down 2 or 3 of thoughts tall plants you think that mite work out ok…


Yea for sure. I think two really well mainlined plants could fill out your grow tent nice. And you would have big thick colas. Just look at the ones Nugbuckets raised. I mean his skills are master level, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do the same with practice. If he can do it, so can you and I

Just looked over the link you posted. Great information. I can see the obvious increase in production with all those colas! Definitely going to give it a go my next go-round. Am waiting for seeds to start my next grow of Blueberry. Thanks for the information!