White Widow SuperSoil grow - lime green leaves during bloom

interesting. thank you very much.
i find the immense amount of learning involved with this hobby simply exhilarating.
and this forum here is by far better than the others ive visited. some mean people out there heh.

so i had to wait a bit before watering again. but i did today and tested runoff as you suggested. result is 5.8pH.

the water i used today was not pH’d down as i stated previously. but im sure prior waterings that i did pH down would still have an effect.

so,…i will stop ph-down my tap water. but i wonder if you can recommend anything else to correct the problem that should be done?

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As I said, the pH is way too low for soil, you need to get it up to closer to 6.5, at least above 6.0, if your tap water is really only about 30ppm, less than 0.1 EC and a pH of about 6.8, then you should probably use this to bring your soil’s pH up, or add a pH up at watering/feeding.


Hi Jay,

I have the exact same situation, with a very similar grow setup. My symptoms are identical and I too am using super soil and growing WW. I am in day 11 of flower and my leaves look identical to your pictures; newer growth only. One thing I don’t know is what my pH is, as I have not invested in anything to measure it. I was wondering if you could share what you wound up doing. There are conflicting opinions about the health of your plants and I am having trouble deciding if my plants need intervention or not. What actions if any did you take to boost the health of your plants and what would you do next time? Please share how your story ends so I can decide what to do next!!!

thanks for any advice.