White Widow SuperSoil grow - lime green leaves during bloom

hello,…i got these WW seeds from ILGM. and everything has been going wonderful.
im in week 2 of flowering and top growth leaves are very very lime green. pics below.

research points to Nitrogen def. but i dont see it happening on lower leaves and tips are not curling in as typical Nit. def. causes.

some info on my grow:

strain: WhiteWidow
Grow area: 10x10 (only using 1 corner of tent for now)
Temps: 68-82 farenheight
RH: 37-57
pH: 5.8-6.5
Soil: HappyFrog - bottom 1/3rd of bucket = TGA subcool SuperSoil recipe
Lighting: 1,000Watt HPS 400 Watt MH
Light cycle: 12/12 (for 2 weeks now, after 5 weeks of veg)

thank you for your time.
any information would be helpful.

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New growth those plant look good nice grow:v:

Normal - if color changes and or starts to move down ward - you will have an issue. Generally 'N" issues start at the bottom leaves and moves up, also can’t see any leaves with “claw’s” which is an indication of nitrogen issues. other nutrients used? light distance ?

other nutrients used? not really.
only a lil cal-mag foliar treatment.
light distance = 24 inches

light distance from plants ?

consider moving the light closer. distance from plants 12-24 inches. Use back of hand test to determine distance

appoximately 20-24 inches

16 niches might be your “sweet” spot of now - till plant grow taller

but the lighter green…is nothing that requires immediate action, correct?

correct - when you foliage feed do you spray the undersides of leaves ?

not specifically. im sure some gets there from the mist style sprayer. but i just mist them like rain fall would

Need to feed the undersides of the leaves that is were the nutrient -up take - takes place - the little "stoma’s do the up-taking in leaves. To foliage feed spray the under-sides - you will notice a difference many-be that’s your issue

good to know, thanks for the tip.

I f you notice tree’s when it’s going to rain they turn their leaves up-side down (oaks,ect)

Yes, lime green is not necessarily anything to worry about, and as long as the growth is turning greener slowly, it is probably just fine.

Your pH readings, is this the pH in the root zone and/or pH of the run-off?

Happy growing,


the pH was determined from the most recent video tip i got in email…some soil in a cup of no-mineral water for 24 hours. 5.8 - 6.5 is the range i have seen in the course of several tests.

as i understand it,…pH should not be a big concern with SubCool’s supersoil recipe. but i have been keeping an eye on it anyway.

normally i water with tap water (only 30ppm here in seattle area) that i pH down to 6.0. from like 6.8 from the tap.

The pH at the actual root zone is of utmost importance. Skim around the site and you’ll quickly see, the vast majority of problems new people come to this site with end up being a pH problem.

pH’ing it down to 6.0 might be way to low.

I suspect, if you get an accurate sample from your plants’ root zone, you will find it to be far from ideal.


i see…would testing the runoff be a more accurate reading of root zone pH?

i settled on pH’ing water down to 6.0 based on MrBergman’s recommendation. the logic behind that was…5.5 -6.5 is ideal range,…best to start in middle of that range.

how do you test pH at root zone on your plants?

all of the research ive done before deciding to use SubCool recipe for soil, indicated that with the mixture, pH would balance itself. is that myth?

5.5 to 6.5 is the range more for hydro or soil-less media, as the target for hydro is 5.8, about in the middle and coco coir can be at about 6.0-6.2, but actual soil, the target is 6.5 and the range is 6.0-7.0

Yes, the run-off would give you a better idea of what is going on at the roots.

Yes, in my over 2 years experience here, yes, I have to say growing in soil without having to monitor pH is mostly a myth. Soil can buffer, and if you weren’t pH’ing your water down, maybe you’d be fine.


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