White Widow shade leaves

I have a White Widow that is starting to flower nicely but some of the shades leaves on the bottom of the plant, are shading some flowers on the bottom of the plant, Should I remove them so the flowers can develop better. There are three sets of shade leave on the bottom I am thinking of removing or should I just leave it alone?

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@jasonguam what I do, is tuck the fan leaves around the bud site. If it doesn’t stay at first, just keep tucking until it does.
New growers I try not to encourage defoliation because sometimes they get carried away. As you grow more experienced you’ll know which ones to remove.
Tucking doesn’t hurt a thing, and doesn’t stunt their growth, and they can still make energy.


Tucking like posted above is a great idea. You can remove a few leaves here and there if you need to, but don’t take a lot at once or more than needed.


Tucking did not work but tieing them down and out of the way is working great. Glad I can keep the leaves on the plant.

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Glad you got it figured out bro happy flowering. Just a thought for the future. I gently crush the stem while slightly rolling it making it as pliable as putty between my fingers while tucking it into the desired position and it will stay in place. Happy growing :alien: