White Widow - SCROG stretch?


I’ve got a white widow, vegging from seed.

It’s very low and wide and growing really well. I’ve topped a couple of times and tied down branches.

I’m wondering when to go to 12/12.

Does any one have a feel for the amount of stretch (horizontally for the first two weeks of flower while I continue to tuck) and then vertically when I stop tucking?

I’m in no hurry to flip and I want to maximise my use of space (single plant, 1mx1m tent).

A, B or C?


If you wait until it looks like “c” you’ll have your tent full. I’m on my first scrog right now and am kinda curious myself when to flip


To fill that whole square, you want to wait till C, or 70%.


A lot of things make a difference. Size of lights, soil or hydro, etc.
I’m in hydro, 20gal, with 1000w lights. I Scrog and tie down until net is approximately 60%, or a little better, then flip lights.


I keep tucking for about a week after the flip, (5-7) days. If you keep tucking after that you’ll get a lot of buds developing at/below the string line. I usually end up with the colas finishing approx 6-12" above the net.


Thanks mate. I’m in 15gal, Coco and MARS II 900 LEDs.


I tie mine down as opposed to tucking, and at about 7 weeks, I untie them and let them stand up a little.