White Widow Ready After 5 Weeks?

Hi All,

This kinda took me by surprise. This plant is a lil over 5 weeks from the light switch and 4 weeks from the first white pistils that emerged. These seeds are from a ILGM white widow plant I grew last year that threw some seeds at the end when I ran her about 12 weeks in flower before harvest (I was going for couchlock).

Of course all the guides say about 8-10 weeks for this strain as a general guide. They look very close to done if not already; I am afraid to run them much longer. I am going for a more cerebral high this time.

Anybody have any thoughts?



Good Morning :smiley: I am no expert but it sure looks like she is right there. There will be someone along that can tell more. Happy Growing :blush::v:@Borderryan22 @Retiredoldguy @JaneQP


They look about good to go, personally I’d let them go for a couple more days if not another week. Let me know how it ends up!


Damn those are absolutely beautiful I’d like to try some of that :star_struck:looks like there ain’t a refrigerator safe anywhere around that smoke lmao :rofl: :metal:t3::metal:t3::100:


@AxisCat you’re right in that window brother. Much longer and you’re getting into couch-lock. Beautiful buds! I see an animal hair on the bud in the first pic. Definitely recommend a bud wash before dry and cure. Great job!


Yeah Man!!! That is nice right there. I would give it 2 more days just to marinate :grin:

Thanks everyone for the input… I just didn’t expect them to finish after 5 weeks… I normally don’t even look at trichomes until the 6 week but those orange pistils where telling me I better go ahead and check.


Dude. Those pistils are FIREY ORANGE. I got a WW going too and the 20% or so that have changed are the same shocking orange. Must be a WW thing.

Like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos colored pistils. :joy::joy::joy:

Just harvested 5 WW plants a few months back at 7-1/2 weeks from 12/12 for 2, 8 weeks for 1, the last 2, I took the top buds @ 8 and let the sm btm buds go another week and was glad I did. I had a little more amber when taken. It all smokes great, enjoy.

They’re from clones, yeah? I think that was my takeaway from the history of them - from seed a while back?

I ask because I just experienced something similar. My 8-10 week strain was done in just under 50 days. Couldn’t believe it. But she was an old clone - circa January of this year

This plant is from a white widow I grew last year from seed. I flowered the mom for about 12 weeks until the trichomes where about 50% amber. I was trying to create a sleep aid for the wife. Near the end around week 10 she threw out a handful of seeds. I don’t know if you consider it a true hermi or just a last ditch effort to carry on the next generation.

Strange thing is I didn’t really get the couch lock and sleep effect I was looking for. But she was very potent. She also turned dark purple for some reason. Here is a picture of her, she is the one in back:


Likely the latter. I have a small handful of seeds from a Sunken Treasres GCP - will definitely be growing them despite knowing they may do the same as the mother.

That makes sense. I wonder then why she was so fast, except that she may be one of those that breeders look for to create “fast flowering” versions of their money makers. Very cool!