White Widow Question

I have 4 plants growing and two of the plants are tall and lanky while two of the plants are short and bushy. The taller plants seem to have a nutrient deficiency with some of the bottom fan leaves turning yellow. All plants have been treated all the same with soil, water, light and booster kit. Why the difference?

Are these from seed or cuttings/clones from the same parent/mother?

Couldn’t tell you, I got them here. They are Feminized.

Yes you could, you just told me they are from feminized seeds, you didn’t get them as clones.

When growing from seed, sometimes phenotype expression can mean very different looking plants, as if they are favoring a grandparent, so to speak.

However many other conditions can also contribute, lighting, temperatures and conditions in each plant’s individual container could all play a role.

What is the pH at the root zone in the plants with the yellowing leaves? Also what is the nutrient concentration in the soil as determined with a TDS meter or with and EC meter? You might be getting a nutrient salt toxicity build up.

Check out this blog by Robert:

You can also get a good idea of these by measuring the runoff from the bottom of the container after watering.

I’m sure you are knowledgeable when it comes to PH in soil where I just try to keep all things simple and consistent. All soil was mixed at the same time, Pots where brand new and all the same, watered at the same time and lighting has been the same with constant rotating and re positioning. It just seems like that the seeds have some genetic difference between them. If not for the leaves looking the same one might think that I have two separate varieties. Without having any soil meters or any other testing equipment I’m somewhat in the dark. How is a seed produced to be Feminized?

Yup, White Widow has both sativa and indica in its heritage and so it is not unheard of to have some seeds grow in a more sativa like fashion and then have others grow more like an indica. As I said above, phenotype expression.

Can you answer this?

Iem sure you could google that. That would be a lengthy question to answer, but Latewood or Stoner would be the ones to answer your question.