White Widow plants aren't growing like they usually do

Question from a fellow grower!

Your WW seeds a while back. They don’t grow like I am used to. They germinate very fast which is good. The strange thing is they grow really fast for 4 days to a height of 2-3 inches with one set of leaves on top. Then they grow very slow for two weeks. They finally start to grow again very slow. I have been growing for 15 years, never seen that. Do you know what’s up? Using MH and soil. Nothing different from past growing technics. Got your Gorilla Glue and never seen such aggressive growth. Non stop to finish.
Thanks Rich


Are they Autos?

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Honestly it just sounds like genetics to me. I’ve had certain strains almost stop growing for a week or so then take off like wild fire. Most recent la confidential did the very same thing for me.
It could also be environmental or the soil being used. As long as they are healthy I probably would push your luck.

Pictures of the plants would help

This is about the time they’re putting out roots, and then you see explosive growth again.

What type of soil are you using?