White widow outside

Hi. Can I just germinate and then just plant it outside with some plant soil? I’m new to this and there are a lot of gaps with outside growing on the site. So I’m trying to figure out, germinate in water and plant outside once it’s sprouted? Or do I need to let it germinate, plant in pot and then transfer it to the ground? Squirrels and such like to dig in flower pots here so not ideal. It tends to stay on the warmer side in NC and had read white widow does well in these parts.

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Welcome! A lot of times, growers start their plants off indoor the move them outside when they get out of the seedling stage. But, yes, you can just drop a seed in the soil and it can grow. I tossed a bunch of crushed seeds into my outdoor planter and 3 sprouts shot up.


If you are near Laurinburg I would germinate and right into the ground the weather should be good enough to finish a whole grow cycle best of luck

You talking next year right?

It is supposed to be in the 80’s the next few days and in the 70’s further out. I was reading white widow does well in the NC temps. Am I wrong? The sun always comes out here so I figure not really having frost and still plenty of sun it would work. I was only going to do 10 seeds for now and maybe try out the other 10 maybe late spring early summer next year. I am a newb though so I am thrilled for feedback. I already have the 10 germinating and probably ready to go in soil tomorrow or so.

Too late, the frost is usually first week of November. That is unless you can bring them in on cold nights.

Here’s the real problem though it’s mid October and the daylight hours are just not long enough to get much size on a plant now. In my opinion September is the latest I would plant anything outside.

Why waste your expensive seed and only get midgets I would wait till next year or give indoor a try. Good luck!

:laughing: I don’t need much. But I got the auto flower so I think it should be easier, right?

You could get some serious bud out of those autos in a closet. You simply are out of time my friend the frost is less than a month away it takes 10 to 12 weeks to grow most autos.

If you can give me a list of what I need to grow them in a closet, I guess I could make it work. I have a basement and room. Was just wanting it outside. I tried to grow before inside when I lived in MA but as soon as I gave it nutrients, it died. The rodents are assholes around here in NC though. I had a few flowers and herbs in pots outside and they keep digging in them.

Bud if you have a basement you can lock up and ventilate then you are in business. In a basement setting I would use MH HPS lights for heat and go with soil in 5 gallon buckets till you learn. Your gonna need to be able to vent air into the basement and vent air out.

What about Hillsborough? Since these are autoflower I was just trying to do something not too excessive right now anyway. I would prefer not to drop a few hundred on lights at this point.

U can honestly get pretty far with 10$ grow bulb from home depot

I would soak the seed in water for 24hours then tip the water and seed on to paper towel and put that paper towel between two plastic plates and put in a dark warm place until u see a nice tap root then i would plant in a pot and keep it inside until its big enough to plant outside

When are they big enough to plant in the ground?