White widow not germinating

I purchased white widow seeds, I have soaked 5 seeds in a dark place for 12 days, one showed a small tail which I planted in a seed pot 3 days ago, no signs yet… The rest have done nothing.
I am a first time buyer, I was expecting all seeds to germinate based on the promises.
I sent email a few days ago but havent received a reply.
Any tips for me? what should I do now?
Thanks Many.

I’m honestly not sure. With the influx caused by covid I’m sure the banks have been pushing it. Getting a lot of reports of non germing seeds. I too as a first time customer had almost half of my 30 ilgm photoperiod sativa mix seeds not ever germinate. With photos in my journal of non germing seeds. I imagine many bins are being emptied and there are older seeds mixed in. My results where the opposite of reviews, so I know for sure that they aren’t the exact same seeds. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had 100% germination with chocolope, with great growth. And 20% germination in super lemon haze and only one making it. Reviews had all saying the chocolope was hard to get going but slh just took off. But the gurantee ends at germination. I haven’t pushed it because I ended up with 14 viable plants and a full nute line for more than their estimate for under $300. I’m a minimalist but feed the hell out of my plants.

Cheers mate. I will wait for response from ilgm. I only want 2 plants at a time so not keen on soaking too many at a time.

seeds will sprout after two days…in moist towel. 12 days and nothing hatched?
there is a free growing information section on this site. worth taking a look.

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What did you soak them in?

In a glass of water, in a dark cupboard1 looks like it had a tail so planted in a seed pot. The others nothing. How long in water before its never going to germinate?

Had one in wet paper towel as an alternative to a glass of water to see if that worked. Nothing yet.

Try getting the seeds soaked in a shotglass of ro water woth a cap full of peroxide. Helps soften the husk on the seed. Steralize also. After 24 hrs of soak pour the water and seed on a napkin and fold over place syran wrap over the nap to hold on moisture and heat. If u have a heating pad or a seedling warmong mat use that it helps a ton to germ seeds. Seeds like warm and that promotes them babies to move in the shells. Good luck. Ull get this.

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Thanks I will give the seeds some heat see what happens. I thought
It all seemed to easy…lol.
I had a failed outdoor crop went to seed, 5 plants, hermis all of them. So i decided to buy for the first time. :+1: