White widow not filling out or just to impatient?


Are the white widow slow to pack on the buds mine seem slow to put the sugar on while every thing else is like stripper glitter every where. I will be in 7th week of flower tomorrow. Maybe I’m just impatient they are the ilgm ww seeds.


Too much P & K. Flush and give 3 more weeks. When slight mistakes are made in flower; completion time is definitely extended. Give her time to fill in. ILGM is bomb because genetics respond exactly it is easy to get overly excited by the way the strains respond.


I run my ilgm white widow fems at least 12 to 14 weeks from light flip… that’s just me… :wink:



I have flushed twice 1st and 4th week of flower.
I have seen some others say that it took 10 weeks. They have bigger trichs than the others but just not getting rolled in stripper glitter like the others. Maybe these 2 are going to just take their sweet time.


And thanks i will double check them. The dark green one keeps getting thicker branches but drive’s me crazy the buds have not just exploded yet. The second one is just picky i added dolometic lime and the fan leaves all got huge with ph of 6.7 just seems I’m going to harvest everything else before I get to these guys. I’m trying to plan out for my next set of plants. Thanks for reading and all your help.


Buds ripen in the last 2 to 3 weeks in flower. That’s when they put on their most weight so I would wait.


Ok thanks it’s just me being impatient than


check out my journal on my first WW grow and you will see what you in in for:star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning::sunglasses::kissing_heart::joy:
Titled “ireceived my seeds, here we go”.
I’d say good luck, but it doesn’t look like you need it.


@peachfuzz , I agree. mine were at 10 1/2 weeks when I HAD to harvest them. The amber trikes were almost non existent there were so few. They were just beginning to show. An uninvited guest showed up to the grow (PWM) near the end due to how bushy these got. As usual, the air flow was the culprit in my opinion. What is strange to me is seeing others grow WW and not seeing the bushyness that some of us have. @ThcinKC pix look very similar to what I had. Check out my journal for my WW results. I can only imagine what a couple more weeks would have done. How many WW grows (sounds like more than once) have you done, and are the results all the same?


I’ve been growing ilgm ww for 4 1/2 years now… most have been clones… I bought 20 beans 4 1/2 years ago and have only popped 4 so far…
I will be letting all my strains go here pretty soon and will start freash with new seeds … :wink:



I have done 3 ww grows with sam sara seeds. I checked out ilgm and thought they had better genetics so here i am. Right now i have 2 ww from ilgm going with 1 critical mass. 2 stargate under ground strain here in kc and one Dutch treat. Here are a couple pictures


Here is a update on my grow thanks for helping me out with everything here are some pictures just took them. They are really packing it on now i just can’t wait to try it out :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:


My buds kept growing down, not up. By the time they were done, they went all the way down to the stalk. Look for my journal, you’ll see what your in for. You plants were similar in stature to mine. Short squat and bushy. your gonna be surprised. 10 to 10 1/2 weeks would be right. they take a bit. you said it yourself, be patient.


Here are some fresh pictures of them just split the stocks 2 days ago and are crazy stripper glitter and unicorn dust covered now


Still not guite yet as of the bud will swell almost past those hairs poking out everywhere.


The best way to tell is to get a scope and keep an eye on the Trichromes. The naked eye can not see what needs to be seen.


I know i got a jewellers loupe and a microscope
They really filled out after i posted this i just wasn’t ready for 12 or 11 weeks of flower


@ThcinKC . So, how did you do? curiosity awaits…


I got 15 oz off one and 17 oz off the other wet
They dried out at a little over 7 oz for the bigger one and 6.5 oz for the smaller one


@Greasemonkey what you pull off yours.
Those numbers need to be a little smaller to because of the logs i left in there on the bigger buds