White Widow no flowers yet


A question from a fellow grower:

I ordered some white widow auto flowers 10+10 free as well as 10 ak-47z. The white widow and a.m. were planted at the same time4.21.18. The younger white widows I did a week later are all flowering as well as the ak-47. I’m already giving them bud nutrients. The one white widow has not shown a flower yet? It showed its sex but is it possible that’s it’s not an auto flower seed? I put it in a blackout for 24 hours to see if it will flower. But it’s over a month and a half and it’s about 18 inches big now in a 3 gal fabric pot? Under 2 600 watt viparspectra leds.


Go read my grow journal here i go again. It’s white widow auto, it vegged for 2 months with no sign of flower until I dropped my light schedule down 12/12. That plant flowered a little over 4 months before I got tired of it and cut it down. But, in good news though, I pulled a lb off of her


Sometimes they just take longer to finish
I had a couple of mine go 120 days from sprout to finish and flowered way late but filled out nicely


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