WHITE WIDOW news seed not growing?

I am new so I know it must be something I am missing
My White Widow germinated and I planted it a solo cup about 1/4 deep and have kept it watered. That was three days ago, and it still has not pushed up through the soil
other seeds and they have all started their growth cycle.
Does it take the Widow longer to some up than other strains?
Thanks you for any help.

Welcome to the forum and happy growing.
Some take longer than others even of the same strain to wiggle up through the soil. Give it another 3 days or so. It may still come up after that but you never know.
Make sure your cups have holes on the bottoms for drainage and don’t give the one not out yet any water unless dry-ish. Overwatering and underwatering are two of the biggest challenges a new grower faces.
Are you using domes on the ones that are up?

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Mine took a while too, I actually couldn’t take it anymore and started brushing the soil back. I barely touched it and there was the top. There it was while I was panicking just below the surface.


Thank you for your reply. Ok, so I guess I will play the waiting game and see what happens. :slight_smile:

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Two weeks after she popped thru the soil.

Wow! That is how my other strains looked like but the WW has not come up through the soil. Wondering if I should had placed them under the lights before they poked through the sol, or should I have kept it in the dark? Yours look great! Thanks!

Mine are white widow and I had them under the lights.