White Widow nearly ready to go

These are my White Widow plants which went into the ground on Sept 1st, 2020 (Australia). Instead of the expected height of around 4 ft., these babies have turned into monsters! Most of the 5 I have are over 6 feet tall.

I have some top buds that are more than 50% amber pistils but the rest are nowhere near that. I think I will give these until the end of March before thinking of harvest - I cannot resist looking at them every day! I have to say that the girls have always done really well for me. My last grow was more than 20 years ago with bag seeds.

Here is a picture taken today.


Been wanting to grow some white widow myself , not bad for a 6 months , looks fat and juicy , and it still looks like it has more to go , when are you planning on harvesting?

I will leave them for another two weeks and take a closer look. Not all the plants are coming in at the same time, so I’ll do a selective harvest during April I think.

My biggest problem is getting them hung and dry. From past experience, the whole house (a small one) absolutely reeks of the fresh MJ smell. I don’t think I’ll be growing my other White Widow seeds in the garden like this! If I open the front door, any visitor is like to get a face full of scent!

I now have some Blueberry Autoflowers growing in pots that I planted out in early February and they all have flowers and thickening up nicely.

Sounds like the house smelled great , anyway you can always get boveda packs and some jars

major reason White Widow is popular is very light scent. best to harvest selectively as each level matures. those buds will fill out into a massive “club”…if you can wait a little longer

I don’t know why I am stressing about this harvest. Previously, I only ever grew plants in pots to end up with smaller plants, so there wasn’t much involved in picking and preparing. Looking at the overall quantity growing, I’m going to have enough to last at least 12 months - maybe more. This will be my first grow for over 20 years and I seem to have forgotten everything I might have known. Mind you, there is such a wealth of information on ILGM that sometimes it is a challenge to get the answer I am looking for. It is a matter of asking the right question I think.

After curing, I plan to vacuum seal everything and pack it away in my freezer. I’ll use the Blueberry Autoflowres to get a couple of harvests starting next Spring (September here). I mainly use my flowers for pain relief and of course, I will give some away to just a couple of friends.


How big are your blueberry autos outside right now??

looking good!. I hope you have a great harvest and will finally be able to relax.

Looks like I can only do single photos. These are my blueberries at 7 weeks. The left one is developing blue flowers!


This is a closer shot of the blue flowers


No body want to make a mistake or waists their time and effort there is a lil fear on doing mistakes definitely, maybe focus on settin the next step while this wraps up

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They look good Brotha!

Hello @itspmm

I am also doing an outside harvest in NE Vic. Started on 23rd sep 2020. I have a WWidow ILGM, Purple Haze ILGM, Gold Leaf ILGM, Mwowie ILGM.
I am also close to harvest but some tricomes are milky and some are still clear. I will get some pics today and show you. Very nice grow mate. Well done. Temps are starting to get colder as well where I am.

Happy Growing

Here is a few pics of my grow
This is my WW which grew to 9foot

My GL was big as well

Purple Haze (not so purple yet)

Harvest time is going to be a tough one.


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I started off with just 5 plants of WW and I’m trying not to be paranoid but just behind me, the neighbours have been building an extension. I hear the workmen every day and now that the scent is building up (open my back door and there it is), I wonder if anyone else recognises it. My two wonderful gardeners were in this week and we all admired the growth!

Harvest is going to be a big job for me but I have enlisted a friend to help. I have been doing lots of reading about harvesting and the latest is bud washing, which I have never heard of. It’ll probably take a week just to do that so not sure how necessary it is and it’s something I’ve never done before.

I just want to enjoy my older life with a smoke and of course, it helps a lot with the accumulated aches and pains I have from an active youth!

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Gosh, you are growing several strains at once. Do you have multiples of these or just single plants?

I have a couple of questions relating to the readiness of the buds. A common suggestion is to pick when 50% of the pistils have turned amber. What I want to know is how to apply the 50% measure, which can be in two different ways as I see it:

  • Individual bud colour. If this is the case, I notice that the outer buds on the branch turn first but not all turn at the same time. In addition, each branch on a single bush can be different.

  • 50% colour change on the plant overall. I imagine this would lead to some (or many) buds will mature past their peak, thus losing potency.

You seem to be experienced with growing and I have no idea of the size of your grow area (mine is just on 1-metre square). What would you suggest is the best way to go about this. I don’t want it to be too onerous for me to handle. I mentioned earlier I have some Blueberries Autos in pots, a much more manageable lot for me in the future.

Appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks.

What size pots were those grown in?

Hello @itspmm,
My first grow was an indoor grow during winter months here in the NE of Vic. I got a really good haul of Gold Leaf and Afghan.
My outside grow which started on 20 Sep 2020, was 4 strains. Gold Leaf, Purple Haze, White Widow, and Maui Wowie, al ILGM seeds.
My soil of choice was 100% home grow as well as 50% coco coir. 30% Perlite. These were all in 10gal fabric pots, and I have been lucky enough to see them in full bloom. For me, getting PH levels and checking soil PPM’s, as well as using my Advanced Nutrients strictly by instructions, The amazing help and advice off of fellow growers on here is like gold my friend.
I am also a little older but growing for medical reasons really is of great benefit. That is why I have decided to try different strains to help balance my pain.
My Wife is great at helping to trim and harvest :grin:
Anyways, I am no expert mate, but happy to help where I can man.

Oh, my total disaster this morning. My Mowie Wowei. I am really upset actually,4 months of growing and then this.We had some serious winds last night.

I did manage to salvage 3 small branches that are loaded with buds. I will get a few pics soon.
Happy Growing.

We have had some pretty strong winds down here in Geelong. I found one branch had almost been ripped off but it has persisted and has plenty of buds. It was one of the lower branches. By the way, I am a ‘sista’ and not a ‘brotha’.

The truth is I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the size of the grow! I certainly won’t be putting White Widow seeds in the veggie garden again. I just have my usual soil mix put after sprouting in peat pellets and leaving them for a couple of weeks, I plant them out in the bed that has food pellets and water crystals mixed in first. This gives everything a good start. I feed them regularly (every couple of weeks with a quality fertilizer) and make sure the water is kept up.

This is what I do for anything I plant and it works well. I will generally keep an eye on new plantings for the 1st twelve months, then I tell them they are now on their own. With a rapidly changing climate, if a plant can’t cope with the conditions, it shouldn’t be there.

This is my 1st WW cola - it is really big and there are more to come.