White widow micro grow - nute problem?

Hello beginner looking for some help with one of my fem white widows (ILGM of course) which is showing signs of a deficiency of some sort? Some yellowing of lower leaves, yesterday I noticed plant A drooping, even more so today. I noticed some slightly brown tips week ago. LST a couple days last week by tying down.

Veg phase (2 weeks) transplanted 1 week prior)
Sunblaster 6400 13-26w
FF ocean soil
PH 6.7 run off
Temp 24c - 27c
Water with mister 2x daily
Spouted 6/23

Today status:


Let me know if any recommendations or if additional photos required. Not sure if soil too hot, lack of water, etc as most vitals look good.


Uploading: 764D9DCD-2E18-46C9-A7BD-F1B68D25EEB7.jpeg…

Lady is starved for light.

I just added an additional lamp on the other sides and swapped places with Plant B who seems to be thriving. Total 4 lamps now so hopefully that should do it. Any suggestions on lighting? They seem to love the sunblaster.

Small lights just don’t give plants whats needed beyond where you are at now.

LEDs are the coming trend. I will buy when prices drop. But, regular 1000 watt grow lamp is what I use.

Gotcha - I knew I would have to alternate at some point - thx

Any specific brand of LED lighting? Don’t have much height to spare but may be able to make some if needed. Going to act fast

Here are the yellow leaves photos for feedback…

Like everyone posted, lights man you need light

There are several LED experts who will share knowledge.

A DIY kit is often mentioned.

I was using phlizon 600w LEDs and they seem to be okay maybe for the first few weeks but if you’re looking for that extra light and for a good LED that’ll go from beginning to end of the cycle then I have a recommendation if you don’t mind… I just invested in king led and My Girls absolutely love it it’s a 1500 w frequency 50 to 60 HZ… no daisy chain but don’t need extra for the 3 game growing… model gw-kngs150… fairly cheap on Amazon if I remember correctly it was like 200 or less

I fill far red with those king leds tho

Why are you doing this?