White Widow marijuana doesn't burn

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve grown my own for quite some time.I can’t get your White Widow to
burn. Not even in a pipe. I mix it with other pot. What’s with that?

Maybe you didn’t dry and cure it!?

Speaking about mycorrhizal fungi, does marijuana use Endo or Ectomycorrhizal Fungi? I was looking at a site that had the Endo but not the Ecto Fungi. I wanted to get some for my trees in the yard but my trees are the variety that uses ectomycorrhizal fungi. I was wondering if I have to purchase both for my growing MMJ and trees. Only about 5 % of plants use ecto.

Look into Great White fro myrcorrhiza (best on market “Extreme Gardening.com” and “Kelp4less.com” that have great products also Would also check this site !@! Your plant is still to wet to smoke !!