White Widow marijuana advice

A question from a fellow grower:

Purchased fem. W.W. & OG Kush. Tried W.W. first using DWC. Lost plant to root rot when electricity went out. Decided to try again using coco coir & hand water, also started OG. The OG is looking good, the W.W is stunted, turning yellow. I have your e-book & am using grow booster. PH is 5.8. Is there specific way of growing W.W.? growing indoors.

Also the leaves are kind of crispy. the seed was started on 1/29/15, sprouted quickly.

Thanks for any help.

If the pH really is 5.8, is that soil? Soil should be closer to 6.5, you might want to be closer to 6.0 - 6.2 or a little higher in a mostly coco coir soil-less medium. How are you measuring your pH? Is that the measurement of only what you feed them or water them with or do you know actually what the pH is at the root zone, have you been checking pH of the run-off?

Also the plants look like they are suffering from something being off, maybe the EC/TDS/PPM is off as well? Or maybe you are over watering? Those leaves look swollen, kind of like over watering drooping.

I am not a big fan of Coco Coir, but I know a lot of people love using it. I agree with MacG. I believe that although Coco is soil-less, it requires a ph range between hydro and soil. Generally when I see twisting of leaves, it is attributed to s PH imbalance. Could also be over watering. Are you getting proper drainage?

when I flushed the coir the run off was 5.8
I’m using fabric SMART POT

I’m still leaning towards over watering. Are you letting the media dry enough before re-watering?