White widow looking unhappy

I’m a true beginner and can really use some guidance! White widows are off to a great start - germinated well and then transplanted into 5 gallon buckets using Miracle Gro potting mix. Watered once at time of transplant and again 1 week later, as the soil seems to stay pretty moist. I’m using a 1000w HPS light about 42 inches from the top of the plant so at first, I thought I might be burning them but they are in my basement with a fan blowing at all times. They continue to grow but now have the appearance of browning and curling! Please help to save the widows!

appears to be ph fluctuation

the fan itself can cause an issue as it will dry out your plant if constantly aimed at them

It’s the plant furthest from the fan that’s most affected but am certainly willing to try!

do you test the run off water for ph or ppm/tds/ec?

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