White Widow leaf tips are yellow

Hello, I am currently growing White Widow and Gorilla Glue in a 2x4 tent and have been feeding them the same amount of nutrients which has been fox farm grow big and have been potted in fox farm ocean Forrest, the plants are about 7 weeks in the veg state and out of no where the white widow leaf tips started to yellow. I thought perhaps nutrient burn so I went ahead and flushed today with just straight water . The plan is to continue with water to see if I notice the plant
getting better. Checked lighting strength and my PPFD was in range . Any suggestions in the event this does not work or does it appear I am going down the right path ?


What is your runoff PH and PPFDs?

Looks like its fingernails are being painted.

@HeyJB PPFD is 550 and runoff PH is 6.4

That’s not wrong. What about your PPM’s on your runoff?

One of my two White Widow autos has a similar issue. I first noticed the tip decolorization of the top tips nearest the light when they were extended upward towards the light. I assumed it might be too much light and or a lack of water. I raised the light and watered the plant. I don’t think the tips will recover but I am hoping it doesn’t get worse. I first noticed the tips at about two weeks. The attached image is three weeks.

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Does anyone know if ww is sensitive to light ?

Im having the same problem how did your flush go?

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My plant did recover from the yellow tips. Some of the new growth has developed yellow tips. As soon as I see them I raise the lights and water. It seems to be working. I don’t know what else may be causing it.