White Widow just sprouted


This is my first grow using seed, I used to grow clones before.

I’ve this white widow fem seed (i started with one seed) It seems something went wrong.

The first set of pictures here are for the sprout before adding anything. soil default nuts (5 days old)

The second picture below is after the Ph down watering. (6 days old) Ph now is 6.1

I’ve flushed soil with normal Ph water after 12 hours of watering with Ph down water…

Any thoughts? not sure if I can do anything now I will rely on the CREATOR, as always will be.

soil is too (hot) nutrient rich and you are over watering trying to adjust your ph in fresh soil which is probably fine to start with doesn’t help either this is only swamping your roots out


I would not use any nutes at this stage just some good soil and ph water I do mine between 6.0-6.8 if you are ready flushed it and give it a few days and I’d wait several weeks if it does fine with just watering before starting any nutrients this is one of the most delicate stages but you know this. outdoor?


Thanks Donaldj and Hogmaster, this is going indoor under 50watts CFL 3000 Lumens cool daylight (6500k)

I will keep posting pics while its growing if it did :slight_smile:

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Soil is not hot at all. I would say its a bit cold

hot means nutrient rich

Alright that makes sense :slight_smile: I thought hot in temperature, not used to the term.

looks like overwatering to me. at this stage you should just be spraying them 3 or 4 squirts 3 or 4 times a day…and that soil looks pretty moist


Overwatering might be an issue but not specifically in this case, the reason you see soil very moist is due to flush but soil is still very loose and roots can get their oxygen properly. I snapped some pics for it today (day 7) below I also started germinating another seed incase this didn’t make it. I think the reason for the yellowing was due to high acidity in the soil/water and too rich soil.

Seedling day 7

seed in a cup

Thanks for sharing how watering should be

Use of a accurate soil moisture meter is a must with WW. Use caution with nitrogen fertilizer as it will only need to be added with other vegetative fertilizers ONCE a week.

That seedling have died almost a month ago.

It seems the new seed in the cup (in the previous post image above) now a seedling, is having almost very similar behaviour of yellowing leaves attached pics.

Some information might be helpful, I have been using the same soil, its not very rich in nuts, its very neutral, I’ve added half tsp to a gallon of water of 20/20/20 nuts, three days ago, its been on light 2 CFL bright white color 24h/day for the past month since it sprouted. Ph level is 6.9. soil is moist but not over watered.

Any thoughts,

looks a little early for nutes to me…does it still have the cotyledons?
plus,…for early stage nutrient absorption, try lowering your Ph to around 6.2… take it back up to around 6.8 when you get in flower.

Its to early for any nutrients most good starting soils you dont need to feed nutrients for about a month or when the first set of round leaves turn yellow which from my experience is 4th or fifth week
For watering spray bottle with 5.8ph to start as she gets older hand water work ph up to 6.5 would go pass 6.8 ever just my experience again after she start veg 5th set of leaves use enough water to test runoff keep runoff at or just below 6.5 and shell do great

Well Thanks, Oak and Brian091180. Cotyledons have turned yellow and the first set of leaves too, then I thought i would add some nuts (i tried to lower the dosage as much as possible), which actually helped it grow a bit faster (good growth since 3 days).

it seems lowering Ph is a must at this stage and will go back up when flowering, Not sure why most people are saying 6.9Ph is ideal though.

How big are your grow pots to large and it will hold to much moisture .A small grow pot 250 ml and light watering as this will dry quicker and not leave your roots in to much dampness.Some seedling potting mixes are garbage,i went through 3 types as they held to much moisture lumpy and shitty though they say for seedlings but just crap .Also lighting and grow room size to much light and a small room seedlings just cant cope stress will stunt and sent them yellow I went through this 5 times with seedlings.I have a 90cm-90cm-120 tall grow tent 400 watt hid just to much light for that space killed them all no matter how high the light was from the seedling all the way to the top still killed them.I now grow seedlings under 110 watt T5s 6 inches from seedling 18-6hr cycle transfer to larger pot 2ltr using coco & potting mix 50/50 martins seedling and cutting mix best I have found awesome stuff.Place under 220 watt T5s for 3weeks for early veg then place in 5ltr pots using same ratio of soil mix under 250 watt HID .Then finally for flower transfer into 10ltr pots same ratio mix of soil coco 50/50 and place under 400 watt HPS .As a newie myself for indoors this has worked for me seems like a bit of stuffing around transferring and changing light systems but it was worth it.I always keep my Ph at 6.4 & increase feeding as plant grows 180ppm for seedlings after 2 water leaves die off 300-350 for early veg 600ppm for full veg then 1200-1400 for flower.On to my 2 grow now and is going good hope this will help.photo of 2 grow in progress

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This sounds neat mantas. And your ladies looks nice and healthy :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing

That plant have grown a bit, and this is how it looks now.

I think there is some signs of deficiency of a nutrient but i dont know what exactly its missing. If anyone can take a look and recommend what to do.

new growth showing same thing.


@waheedi how is your water pH? Also where does your water come from? Are you letting it sit for a few days to stabilize before you pH it?

What kind of soil are you using?

Honestly, in every picture your soil looks very moist to me?

Maybe you should post a support ticket so you can get some good quality help as your plants have exhibited issues at such an early stage.

More information is needed, I think.

Thanks Bob. Ph is a bit high now (7.7). it was lower three days a go when I used some lemon juice to lower Ph as I knew Ph is high. Not sure how to maintain lower Ph should I keep adding lemon juice?

I’m using peat moss potting soil with a little red clay soil.

Regarding being moist i think its moist but not over moist/watered.