White widow isn't growing right

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

white widow isn’t growing right. I have it under a 2ft t5 for 24hrs.

It’s ok I see 2 things one do you have drain holes in your cup? If not you need to poke holes in it ot I would get it into a bigger pot if it were me. You are either building roots which you won see much plant growth or she’s rootbound in the cup aND won’t grow any more until she can stretch her roots

Needs drainage. Its drowning!! Remove from cup & place in pot or larger housing. Hell I’ve even grown in cardboard boxes. The best thing to encourage root development is to have lower 1/4" of pot submerged in water. Do not wet soil on top.reason. small pots are not permanent homes unless you’re going for tiny plants. Also use only RO water if you do not know waters pH