White widow indoor grow when to harvest?

Nervous first time grower back again :blush:
Its been 48 days since lights went 12 on, 12 off. This picture is showing the smaller bud pistols changing colour. The larger bud pistols are just starting to change colour starting at the bottom.
My question, how long after the pistols start changing color will it take (approximately) to be ready to harvest, as I do not want to pull them too late.

I have 4 plants total, this plant was the first seedling to pop up, the rest followed 2 - 4 days after.

Any replies gratefully appreciated!

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You have another month to go at least. Can tell better from a close or magnified shot of the trichomes

OK you always hear about when to cut the plant down but what should it look like to start flushing in a DWC hydro setup

Not positive but I believe itโ€™s a week before harvest in dwc @Donaldj will know

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Iโ€™ll be flushing for about 2 weeks just wondering what the plants would look like then

I typically just reduce nutrients during last couple of weeks than run system on a flush for 48hrโ€™s before harvest


Does reducing the nutrients include reducing bloom enhancers?

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Yes it does. Last week or two you wanna give nothing but plain ph water