White Widow in Bloom yellow leaves

White Widow started from seed 8.1.19

  • Method: Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil
  • Vessels: 3 gal cloth pot
  • PH of Water, Not sure PH of soil 6.7
  • Flushed for a week, used 1tsp per gal of Tiger Bloom. Yellowing started after 1st watering, went back to plain store bought spring water. Leaves continued to yellow, used 1tsp of mag-cal, yellowing continued, watered with plain spring water.
  • Indoor
  • Light system : LED 1000wt (supposedly, but the lighting doesn’t seem like it’s that bright)
  • Temps; AVG 72
  • Humidity; AVG 40
  • Ventilation system; Yes, Size - not sure
  • Small oscillating fan, small oscillating heater - heater and ventilation system attached to temp control to vary between 72 - 75°.
  • Co2; Yes - but just with in the past week.

I have 2 White Widows currently in bloom for 6 weeks and 5 days.
Starting from the bottom my leaves on both plants started turning yellow almost overnight. I was using softened well water, but the plants seemed stunted so I flushed them with bought spring water. After I flushed them and watered with nothing but water for a week, I started Tiger Bloom at a low dose of 1 tsp per gallon. I also started using pre-treated well water - I have no idea what the Ph is on the water. The leaves started yellowing, so I tried giving them a Cal-Mag dose - 1tsp gal - it didn’t seem to help, so I watered them with plain water and gave them another Tiger Bloom dose yesterday. I don’t think there are anymore yellow leaves, but I’m not 100% sure. Today I watered with plain water.

What am I doing wrong? This is my 1st grow.

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Im not a expert but it doesnt seen like your plants have been on the 12/12 hour cycle there isnt much if any signs of flowering to me. The yellow leaves are a sign of nitrogen leaving them and it seems to be only on the fans leaves. To me it looks like the plant just started flower maybe a couple days ago. The other will comment and will give you a for sure answer.


That could very well be, they seem to be slow in flowering. I was wondering if it was maybe the lighting being too low.

Are you sure you light is turning off? Ive here some lights wont turn off when the switch tells it too. How far is your light from the tops of the plants?


I’ve never opened the door to make sure they’re off because I’m afraid of messing them up, but I have tested the timer with the light plugged into it and it worked. The lights are about a foot away from the tops of them.

You might want to walk in your room with no light and just peak in the tent to make sure it never hurts to make sure. If you have the space you might wanna raise it up maybe 6-8 inches. To me it looks like the just flipped to flower like maybe day 4-5 if they are in week 6 going on 7 then there has to be light leaking in somewhere.

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Yeah, I have a little “closet” in the room that houses some clones that we got off of them. Those lights come on 6 hours before the bloom lights. There may be a leak there as well. If I turn out the bloom lights for a minute for a light check from the closet will that mess them up? The lights are supposed to go out at midnight, so I’ll go up then and make sure they are since it will be dark out. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing that before.

No a couple minutes with no light wont hurt them at all, and it starts to make perfect sense since the clone lights come on 6 hours before the actual plants that would be 18 hour of light if light is leaking through and they wont flower at that.

Cool, I’ll do a light check first then. Is the nitrogen leaving the leaves normal? Should I be worried about them lacking anything else?

If there in flower thats normal and if the leaves are getting light they will eventually die off as well the rest of your plant looks good i wouldnt worry to much if it starts spreading more and more rapidly then id worry.

Ok. Thank you for your info! I just did a light check and sure enough, there is light at the cracks and a little green light on the fan. I’ll tape those up tonight and see if we can get these girls going a little faster!


There you go man!


You really need to consider some heavy lst or hst. That 1000w led is only good about 8" into the canopy. I know this first hand


Yeah, it doesn’t seem the best. I’m looking in to ordering a new one

Just an update, We fixed the leaks that night and this is tonight’s pics - WOW! Thanks for the extra eyes!!

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Heck yea man they are looking awesome! And thats what we are all here for to help each other

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So, again, this is my very first grow. Lol I’m thinking NO MORE NUTES! For these girls?