White Widow in 2nd week of flowering

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“This is my white widow in 2nd week of flowering. What is she missing?”


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TMV without a doubt

It has all the visual signs


inclined to agree with @Donaldj it showing all the traits, although more info would be helpful, (and that white speckling is unusual also) separate that one plant from the crop and hope it hasn’t infected anymore :disappointed:

feminizes white widow from IlGM
Planted in 4x4 planter box over ground, outdoor,soil is promix and soil with manure, fish meal, worm casting,
90 days old from sprouting
water when top 2 in. of soil is dry, about every other day
ph os 7
night temp is about 72,
day temp is 80
humidity about 70%
I think Donald is right on this tobacco mosaic virus call

You definitely have TMV, I personally had it before too!



I purchased white widow seeds last Feb. and only grew one to harvest and it was diagnosed to have TMV. Has there been any other reports of this strain to have this virus? I don’t want to start any more of my seeds if this has been happening.

I had no issues with my White Widow seeds from ILGM. On the second round of them now. I hope you get this all resolved.

I have done several white widow’s never any issues hopefully that’s the last issue you will have