White Widow High too strong


Hey guys,

Just tried a small sample of my White Widow auto and man it sure has a kick after I couldn’t do anything but sleep. The high was like nothing I’ve had before. So intense and immediate!

I’m kinda thinking I got the wrong strain for me! Anyone else have issues smoking WW? A whole joint would take me out!

What’s the most mellow strain I should grow next?


You aren’t the first person I’ve seen say it was too strong… I hope it is :slight_smile:


My favorite weed to smoke is Pineapple Express. Not sure if ILGM has a similar strain but I’d like to know.


That’s kind of is my mellow daytime strain !? I smoked it almost exclusively last summer down the beach, for me it’s absolutely perfect daytime smoke, just goes to show you everything hits people differently I guess? Good luck and I hope you can find a strain more to your liking


Most of the fruit based strains will be more to your liking, I think. More of a mid-range thc, as a group.


Yeah would love to know what ILGM have in place of Pineapple Express


Any ILGM strain you’d recommend?

The thc rating was 20% for white widow I don’t think I am used to it anymore. Chose it because it was a great beginners strain, easy to grow etc… but way to hardcore. I’m worried about giving it to my friends to try lol :joy:


Yeah quite incredible how it affects people differently. I am not an every day smoker, once or twice a fortnight if that. Maybe it’s just me

Might just use a pipe… small amounts


pineapple haze from ilgm will be a good choice. a lot of people here are swearing by the blueberry strain.


Yeah the blueberry one sounds good :blush:

Hey thanks mate!


i have a blueberry auto going now,i’ll tell you about it when it is finished @kalico


no, thank you. my WW seeds be here in a week. good to know about your troubles with it.


Good to know regarding the WW. Next month I need to order more seeds, I cant wait to look at all the seeds from ILGM.


I bought my WWAuto seeds here after looking around. A LOT. don’t wait another month, they are on sale right now here , at the best price on the dang internet. You will have a cow when you see the price.


yep @bryan that’s a great deal 20 seeds for the price of ten!!


I got the buy 5 and get 5 free! Still have 8 left :joy:

They are smelly girls even in veg!!! Left my coat in the same room and it smells like skunk weed


I’ll keep an eye on your grow mate ! Quite keen on the blueberry strain


i was going to put up pics last night,but i caught a lazy bone. tonight i will have some good pics…the first indoor grow, i think…lol
i’ve really abused these buggars,it is amazing that they have done so well.


Looking forward to seeing them! This has been my first grow ever, and next time I will do things a lot better, but going to concentrate on a more mellow strain!

My first harvest is coming up this weekend so pretty excited, should last me for months!!

Is there a way I can smoke it without getting too high anyone? Silly question I know

Making Cannabutter as well once my trim has dried but now I’m thinking this will be too strong as well!


the smartest thing for you is to send all of it to me, here in Texas. I will mix it up with my crappy weed, and send it back to you.