White Widow help needed

A question from a fellow grower:

I am having some problems, stunted growth, with the white widow seeds i got from you.

These girls are in Fox Farm Ocean potting soil, fed Fox Farm Grow Big about 4 times so far. I had been watering with RO water until last week when funds got a little short so now they get well water from my well. I keep the ph around 6.8 and add a little sea weed extract when I water. the nutes were fed at 1 tsp per gallon. I have a purple afghan in the same soil, same Wal Mart air pot bags same everything doing beautifully, budding nice. I started 5 more ww after I liked the first 5 so well, ( one of the original died at about 1 week old suddenly) they are in pure coco and get FloraNova Bloom, 6 teaspoons to 5 gal water with 5 ml of Calmag daily. they are on the same 12/12 lighting and starting to bloom nicely, no problems. Trying Fox Farm soil and coco to see what does the best. Leaning to the coco at the present. They are in the end of the 3rd week of flower. I had my previous crop do the same thing and they were in coco/ perilite fed FloraNova grow the bloom. I am perplexed. Even got on ICMAG looking for help. My coco grow is from Grow Pot Cheaply form youtube and the Fox Farm grow is from videos from Cali Green. off of youtube. Been growing for 2+ years and have never been completely satisfied, thought in might be genetics, thus ordering your seeds. I have some autoflowering seeds from Dutch Passion on order as I type.l Any help would be appreciated.

Oh I am growing in a 4 x 8 x 7 grow area, 1000w hp apollo bulb, new this grow, I veg under cfls, temps are 74° to 80°, humidity is at 45% now that I am flowering.;…

Well first thing I see is claw leaves. And that is a sign of nitrogen toxicity.
You said you are watering every day and giving nutes every day? Over watering? You might have giving to much of the grow big which has a lot of nitrogen. Also the cal mag has nitrogen in it to. If this is the case you need to flush the soil. Maybe someone else will chime in to help more.

I would have to ask you; What si the PH of your solution? What is the strength of your solution; ppm?

6.8 is to high for flowering plants , you need it to be 6.2 - 6.5 max , and CO 2 between 1100-1400 for flowering plants and humidity 40% , and give your soil time to dry , but not the coco , it can be moist always because coco is more like hydro growing .