White Widow Harvest

I have 2 questions.

The first is my White Widow buds almost smell like heating oil. Is this normal for White Widow?

The second is, there doesn’t seem to be many red hairs on the buds although the buds are very healthy. The fan leaves are starting to lose their color and some are turning yellow as if the plant is cannibalizing them. I’m guessing the plant is ready to harvest. What steps should I take before harvesting the plant?

I’m hoping this reply will bring this to the top of the list so I can get an answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

You really need to be checking the trichomes with a pocket microscope or jewlers loupe, if you don’t have one then your gonna have to try to judge by the pistils. You said there’s not many red pistils but I would think white widow wouldn’t have too many red hairs,so are the pistils still sticking almost straight up or have they started to curl back into the bud?

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After using a 10x printer’s glass, the trichomes look pretty clear while the pistils are about 60-70% red and the white ones are standing up nicely. I know the plant is very near harvest and I also wanted to know what steps I should take before harvest. I have been using the booster kit for my grow. What about the smell of the resin from the buds?

From what I’ve been Reading and seen in my own plant, if the pistils are still sticking straight up and trichomes are still clear than the plant is not yet ready but it does sound like you are very close just keep monitoring the trichomes and pistils. Also you can flush your plant if you want to now,this is a matter of personal choice and as for the smell I haven’t had any experience with white widow so I can’t really comment on thats

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The heating oil smell is probably a normal smell, like the famous “diesel” smell in many strains.

And yes, you will need to wait, the pistils will red or brown. And when nearly all of them are red or brown, then the plant is not making any new ones, and the buds are pretty much done. Keep an eye on those trichomes, you may need at least a 40x or 60x to see them properly.

Happy Growing,


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Great help, thanks guys! How about some of the fan leaves loosing their color as if they are being absorbed into the plant?

Yes, the lower fan leaves usually go first. This is kind of normal, especially if you are “flushing” at the end of flower.

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Please, explain Flushing. Is Flushing just a term use for the end of flowering or is a process using or doing anything special?

Old school … my white widow is very strong smelling, but I haven’t noticed that it smells like heating fuel. Are you growing outdoors? My WW’s are outside and they won’t be ready to harvest for another 6 weeks.

Not sure about the flushing but I think it means you flush out the dirt in the pot with clean water only before you get ready to harvest. One of the experts will be along soon and will know a helluva lot more than I do.

MT1, this is an indoor grow.

Thanks Old School … I’m useless to be of help then … know absolutely nothing about growing indoors except what I’ve read about in the Grow Bible. Growing indoors seems very technical to me … not sure I could pull it off.

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Flushing is often misunderstood, and actual flushing might not be needed. If you stop adding nutrient when watering your plant at the end of flower, that could be considered a type of flushing. Some people do actually flush the container, pour lots of plain water through the soil in the container until nearly no nutrient salts comes out the bottom. Basically what flushing does, is restricting new nutrients from getting into the plant’s tissues at the very end of flower, and forcing it to use up its stores in its leaves, and eventually other tissues, thereby making the finished product smoke much smoother.

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I’ve just read a couple of articles on flushing and I think I’m up to speed. How about the time (72 hours) of darkness before harvest? I read depending on the strain this could make quite a difference.

I don’t think the dark period before chopping it down is that extremely important, at least not for that long anyway.

As @latewood likes to remind us, the plant is not dead even after being chopped down, and much of the biological activity will continue while the plant is hanging in the dark, very slowly drying, kind of the pre-cure early dry part of the entire process.

Also, I think the solid 12 hour dark period on the last day of the grow cycle is mostly good enough, and if you time it in such a fashion that you give the plant an extra 12 hours darkness tacked onto that last night, so you have one 24 hour period of darkness for the plant before harvesting, and then a following approximate 12 hours of darkness, more or less to fit a schedule for when it is convenient for you to chop it all down at one sitting, then you have almost 36 hours of complete darkness, and from what I’ve read up on the subject, this amount of darkness, 36 hours, is what seems to show the most benefit, and any increase in dark period beyond this for most strains has not been documented to show any significant increase in yeild, weight, density, or potency.

Also, here are some other thoughts on this. Some studies do show resin production seems to peak right before the light would come back on, or the dawn outdoors. Most growers that practice this do seem to agree more than 48 hours does not show any real benefit for the mass majority of strains they’ve tried it with, a few exceptions not withstanding. That last 36 hour dark period would put you at the morning of the second day if you get my meaning, chopping down right after that 2nd peak resin production. And I really don’t think the plant is going to do much more than that after that, as actively biologically it really doesn’t do much at all during the dark period, above ground anyway, and any longer and you are starting to ask for problems, maybe inviting rot and such.


Thank you very much, that’s just what I needed to know. I’m amazed how much knowledge I’ve gained and with the help of this forum how well I’ve made out with my own grow. Thank you once again!

I am so happy to be teamed up with accessible, and knowledgeable growers.

MacG. Great aprtner.


Thank you! so 36 hrs would be fine, great that’s what I’ll do