White widow harvest trouble's

The White widow has been flowering since the third week in August and it still looks like a couple weeks more. All 4 are over 7 feet tall and very bushy. I never trimed them. I just pulled the dead leaves off. How much longer are these gonna take?15396359000871047909591 1539635979701590846460

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There looking close to being done from your pics… check your tricomes… :wink:



The tricomes are clear looking and the pistols are around 50 percent Amber.

I’m fairly new to growing having just completed my 8th harvest ever yesterday and have 5 more in 3+ weeks so take my advice and opinion based off research and my personal experience.

To me, you still have couple weeks to go. Here’s why I say that: 1- your trics are 50% clear, you want 100% cloudy or even a 50/50 mix cloudy and amber trics on the buds themselves, not the sugar leaves. When your pistils turn 75% brown, that is when you start checking trics.


@buster101, great looking plants by the way!!! A close up picture of a bud will help us help you.

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I’d say you still got 3 or more weeks.

My phone doesn’t take good pics. Thanks, Noobie I will give her more time.

Man your plants look great. I thought I was looking at a palm tree when the top pic loaded.

Are they in a greenhouse are you running out of room for height. That happens to me I had to build a bigger greenhouse over my small one and remove the smaller one after I also had to do one lst late in the game but was real gentle about it. Now I have plenty of room and more patients one of my plants has at least 3 weeks left " late bloomer "

That is not what I was hoping for. I did learn a lot this time around. There is a definite line between veg and flower. What do you do during this transition?

I had to dig holes for the pots to sit in and tied the colas to bend them over.