White Widow Harvest Opinion

First timer here (well, first ime in almost 40 years lol). Opinions on whether this WW is about ready for harvest. About 8 weeks int flowering.


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Based on pistils alone I’d give her another week or two. Can’t really see the trics.

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About what I was guessing but never had buds like this before. Lol
Wanted to make sure I do it at the right time for max potency. Lol

My last WW was ready @ 9 weeks.

Yeah looks like she needs more time

Do you have a jewelry loupe to check trichomes? You want around 20 or 30 percent amber trichomes for a nice couch lock. (On the buds, not the sugar leaves)

Bud pics look sweet though

@cvagrower if you really wanna do it right:


Great info! Thanks!

Make sure to check the buds and not sugar leafs :wink::facepunch:t2: