White widow grow march 2020

Just wanted a few opnions on harvest. Im thinkin its gettin close…starting wk 9 of flower. Last fed nutes yesterday. Flushed 5 days before that.

mostly clowdy but not much amber. What you all think?


The time to harvest is completely up to you, you are in control. It all depends on the kinda high that you are looking for. :v:

Looking good. I think Those buds will fatten up And become more dense. If you give it a little more time.

I’ve always been told not to feed the last two weeks of grow.
@dbrn32 is that still correct

I’ve never done that. Maybe gone last watering or two without much for nutrients sometimes.

I will give her a little more time. But gettin hard to wait. Need the stress relief.

I’ve tried it twice and didn’t find a difference in flavor or aroma.
but my outside plants I dipped in water/peroxide mix and after cure was amazing taste and aroma I’ll be doing that for now on

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This is a WWA so the timing will be different than your photo (or is is a beast of an auto)
Just to show you the status of the pistils. She was cut week 15, day 101

It will stay fresh longer too. I am smoking flower I harvested in September of 2018 because I bud wash and then jar and freeze my flower for long term storage.

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