White Widow Grow Journal

How about the pic? @Kapelady

The link works for me even though it says Robot Check.

@bob31 Yes that’s what I am using except I’ve take most of the shelves out. Seems to be working out okay for me with just 2 plants

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I’m using the exact same thing! I knew I wasn’t the only person that looked at that and said wow $20- grow room!

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@bob31…Well, if it works why not? I’m on a tight budget and I had bought one last year to start my veggie plants and flowers. It’s the first thing I thought of using as I already had it and could not afford anything else. I think it is working great for me anyways with only 2 plants in it. Now I did take some of the shelving out…most of it …lol lol but used the piping to make it stronger elsewhere. I will be posting pictures tomorrow.

My plant is only 10 days old so I’m running on the top shelf right now with my fan and humidity controls below my plant on the middle shelf. I have a waterproof heating pad on the bottom shelf set to low. I’m keeping temps 70-77 with that setup right now. I had to cut a hole in the top rear to bring in my 6 inch ventilation hose for removing heat. Other than that, not too bad.

I’m also on a tight budget (disabled/ semi-retired) so I’m just adding a little at a time. I did get a good deal on ebay for lights. I bought one and I liked it so I bought two more for my next grow. I have a 3 season area that I am going to use as soon as the weather warms up.

Here’s my grow if you want to follow along. I’ve made some changes from the last pictures, but I will post again on Thursday showing the updates.

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I got confused, sorry… Deleted my post. Going back under my rock now…

Okay I promised pictures today. My 2 girls are 4 days shy of a month growing and it was a rough start as this is my first grow with not having the right lights but I am getting there. I will add equipment as I can afford such as a humidity reader and perhaps another small fan. But I believe that growing just 2 plants can happen on a small budget. Just to remind you I am growing White Widow.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Good thing you took a pic because before you know it they’ll be all grown up and moving out. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, do you think that they are doing okay? I know one is smaller than the other but they have really grown since I got the new mars hydro lights. What I need to know is when do I top them? They seem to be growing quite short compared to other plants I have seen on here but maybe its because they are WW’s?

Definitely the same setup I’m using on the tent. I think that will be fine. I’m only doing one plant now as I was concerned about it being too crowded. Yours are looking great!

Are your white widows autos?

@Matthew420 Oh yes I thought all White Widows were autos…but definitely they are autos…my first grow…wanted to make sure I know what I am doing before I get more “fancy” lol lol I will continue to take pictures so that I have a journal of how fast they are growing and if there are any problems!

I will let @Matthew420 'splain the autos a little better but they are best to be allowed to grow due to the short veg time.

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@bob31 Okay so what you are saying is that I should not top them?

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@Matthew420 can’t explain it better than me but autos are a bit more sensitive and tend to go Hermie on you if they are messed with too much. Some folks will do some very light LST with them or a light scrog but since this is your first grow I would just let it grow and then you can’t experiment on your next grow

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Well, mine aren’t auto’s, just fem.

I did read this, though…

Yes, you can top an auto-flowering plant that has grown at least 4-5 nodes (pairs of “real” leaves) by the end of week 2. Otherwise, it may not be growing fast enough to handle topping.

But I think I’d let one of the IGM guys or someone who knows for sure before chopping.

I’d read this… and maybe do some other searches.

@Kapelady @Matthew420 sorry, I got a little sidetracked earlier.

@Kapelady so where i’m at with all of this is that after reading almost every topic and post from the last 6 months here on the ILGM forum as well as reading around on the internet, I decided not to top or do anything on this grow.

Of course you can and should do your own research and make your own decisions.

I personally decided to do a straight up grow for my AK47 Auto, Once I get that one done I will have a bigger space and I can then grow a couple of the Gold Leaf Fem and a couple more of the AK47 Autos I also got with my last order. Then I’m going to do some work to the Gold Leaf; LST on one and maybe a mainline on the second one. Haven’t decided yet for sure but I will do a grow journal on those as well.

I am also considering a few blueberry auto’s for a special spot in the backyard, lol. Ultimately, I want to keep a decent on hand supply of a sativa, an indica and hybrid so that we can do different things with them such as edibles and creams, etc.

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@Matthew420 …thanks for the advice and link which I read. I am not going to top my WW’s! You are ambitious with all the different grows! And making edibles…wow!

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