White Widow Grow Journal

First of all, this is my first grow and there’s been a bit of changing things that I am using. However, my seeds were easy to start. I put them in a glass of water and the next day they had the white little root. So, it was time to put them in some dirt. I had bought some perlite and soil and mixed the two together in two big pots. I also had bought a small green house (cheap - plastic) which is doing the trick. Next I bought two small grow lights and a small clip fan. I thought that I needed a bigger light fixture so I bought another fixture but was disappointed when it did not have the spectrum that my small lights had. I read some journals and found that Mars Dual Hydro 300 w seemed to be used by a few on here. So, I am waiting for my package to arrive (hopefully tomorrow) and I will return the light fixture that I am not happy with. I also had a small electric fireplace which I put near the greenhouse. This is all inside my house. I used a syringe to water the tiny plants until they got a little bigger. One plant seemed to be growing a little crooked so I used thread and a small stick and propped it up for about a week; that plant no longer needs to be propped up and is the bigger of my two plants. At first, I only had the lights on for 12 hours; 12 hours off; however, I found that they are growing faster if I keep the lights on 24 hrs and that’s what I have been doing. They have been in soil since January 3rd and I think that they are doing okay but can’t wait to get the new light system! Since I just posted pictures a few days ago, I will wait to post pictures


Looking forward to following :+1:

12 hours light is for flowering, so glad to see you changed it. There is debate as to whether or not more than 18 hours is beneficial. I don’t know but I used 18 hours light to save a little electricity.

I’m growing White Widow as well. Very impressed with how well it grows.

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Off to a good start. Do you have a smartphone? iPhone or other? You can log on to site and upload pics directly from smartphone camera!

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You have to keep your lights on at least 18 hours a day good luck following along


Yes I find that my plants seem to be growing better since I changed to 24 hour lighting! Glad to see that someone else is also growing White Widow and that you are impressed with this plant!

@bob31 Oh I have a very nice camcorder/camera that my sons bought me for Xmas and I have posted pictures and will do so again in a couple of days.

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Excellent good deal. I’ve done a little IT over the years and thought I’d offer to help out a little, but sounds like your good!

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Feel free to scroll through at check out some pics of what you have to look forward to…

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@bob31 I have gotten more information from these journals and members that has helped me out tremendously! My plants are really looking great right now and I am very happy for my first grow so far!


Hey @Kapelady I think you and I are using the same grow tent. $20 at ocean state job lot. I found it on amazon looks like this?


@bob31 Couldn’t access your link but yes $20 Portable greenhouse that I bought at Job Lot last year. Took some shelves out and middle post but for what I need (just two WW’s) it is doing the trick. I am on a limited budget and just growing for my own medical use so if I can do with cheap…I find cheap…lol lol Spent a bit more on the LED Grow lights! Still learning and will get different pots for my next grow…learning so much here!

How about the pic? @Kapelady

The link works for me even though it says Robot Check.

@bob31 Yes that’s what I am using except I’ve take most of the shelves out. Seems to be working out okay for me with just 2 plants

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I’m using the exact same thing! I knew I wasn’t the only person that looked at that and said wow $20- grow room!

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@bob31…Well, if it works why not? I’m on a tight budget and I had bought one last year to start my veggie plants and flowers. It’s the first thing I thought of using as I already had it and could not afford anything else. I think it is working great for me anyways with only 2 plants in it. Now I did take some of the shelving out…most of it …lol lol but used the piping to make it stronger elsewhere. I will be posting pictures tomorrow.

My plant is only 10 days old so I’m running on the top shelf right now with my fan and humidity controls below my plant on the middle shelf. I have a waterproof heating pad on the bottom shelf set to low. I’m keeping temps 70-77 with that setup right now. I had to cut a hole in the top rear to bring in my 6 inch ventilation hose for removing heat. Other than that, not too bad.

I’m also on a tight budget (disabled/ semi-retired) so I’m just adding a little at a time. I did get a good deal on ebay for lights. I bought one and I liked it so I bought two more for my next grow. I have a 3 season area that I am going to use as soon as the weather warms up.

Here’s my grow if you want to follow along. I’ve made some changes from the last pictures, but I will post again on Thursday showing the updates.

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I got confused, sorry… Deleted my post. Going back under my rock now…

Okay I promised pictures today. My 2 girls are 4 days shy of a month growing and it was a rough start as this is my first grow with not having the right lights but I am getting there. I will add equipment as I can afford such as a humidity reader and perhaps another small fan. But I believe that growing just 2 plants can happen on a small budget. Just to remind you I am growing White Widow.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Good thing you took a pic because before you know it they’ll be all grown up and moving out. :slight_smile:

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